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The joys of custom wardrobes

Designer Wardrobes

When you are rummaging around in your jam packed wardrobe trying to find the skirt you just know goes really well with your pink top – don’t you just dream of custom built wardrobes?

How good would it be to have enough wardrobe space for absolutely everything in your walk in wardrobe? With custom design wardrobes and doors you don’t have to pack everything in so that they end up just as creased as if you hadn’t bothered ironing them in the first place.

You can have wardrobe storage room for all your shoes, belts, scarves and handbags, as well as lots of wardrobe hanging space and shelves or even wardrobe drawers for your fold up clothes. Some people think that custom built wardrobes and doors are too expensive, but that’s not true – they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg at all.

Even if you just have regular double wardrobes with one rail and long wardrobe shelf on the top, you can still have a custom built wardrobe and doors  built specifically for your storage needs, which will fit into the same wardrobe space. Of course, if you have the extra space you can expand the size of your wardrobes and maybe even install a walk-in robe for that extra luxurious feel.

Wardrobes And Home Storage

How do you  decide which type and size of custom wardrobe to install in your home?  Walk in or built in wardrobes? Deciding on installing quality custom wardrobes in your home is a fabulous idea and one you will never regret (unless you move and then you will have to install new wardrobes and doors in your new home as well!).

So the first step is to look at the amount of storage space you have available. If you don’t have any more space, you can still have a wonderful quality wardrobe custom created for you and installed into the same space, which will make a huge difference to your wardrobe, doors and storage problems.

If you have enough space in your bedroom to expand your wardrobe, but not enough for a walk-in robe, that’s fine because at Flexi Wardrobes we can design your new custom wardrobes to fit whatever extra space you have available.

You will notice a big difference in how you use your wardrobe when it has been custom designed to suit your specific needs, as any extra space will be maximised to give you the best possible wardrobe solution.

If you have lots of extra space for wardrobes then a walk-in robe is the bees knees of wardrobes and is what most of us dream about having in our homes. Think about all the extra hanging space you will have with walk-in wardrobes  – the shelves, wardrobes with drawers, shoe racks, wardrobes with jewellery drawers and even a chair and a power point as well. Walk in and sit down to put on your shoes …..dream wardrobes can be a reality. Dream wardrobes are just a phone call away. Think about Flexi Wardrobes.

Installing new custom wardrobes in your home is a great way to give yourself the perfect gift for Christmas, so contact us at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or contact us by completing our online enquiry form and we will send our master craftsmen over ASAP.

Add Value To Your Perth Home With Wardrobes In Perth

Design Your Wardrobes

You might not think that adding new wardrobes and wardrobe doors in Perth homes would increase the value of a property, but if you install a custom made, walk-in wardrobe and doors it will!

Maybe you have the old style wardrobe at home , the one with a single horizontal rail, hanging space below and storage space above? These are just so unworkable for today’s stylish women, because everything has to be crammed on the wardrobe hanging rail, shoes are a jumble on the floor and you can’t reach anything up above on the wardrobe shelf.

Well, if you replace this type of wardrobe in Perth with a new designer wardrobe, you might not increase the value of your home, but it will be eminently more sellable to buyers. It will also make your life a lot easier, when you have a wardrobe built that actually works for you and all your clothes storage.

Custom designed Wardrobes

If we come back to the walk-in Perth wardrobes for a moment, changing up your old outdated wardrobe with a custom designed and built walk-in wardrobe and doors will make a huge difference to your lifestyle. Just about every woman has a dream of a walk-in wardrobes and matching wardrobe doors, so if you have the space available, it is a super idea and if you love it, you can imagine that buyers will love  a gorgeous wardrobe and doors as well.

Of course, you don’t need to be putting your house on the market in the near future to be installing great walk-in wardrobes and doors , even though it would increase the value of your home. All you need is a crammed wardrobe and enough space to fit a walk-in wardrobe and you are good to go!

You don’t even need to use the spare guest bedroom for your new wardrobe, because as long as you can pinch some storage space from somewhere in the home , a custom made walk-in wardrobe can be designed to be as big or as small as your storage space allows.

We can all agree that it would be awesome to have massive walk-in wardrobes and wardrobe doors  in Perth, like the ones you see in the TV shows, but sometimes this is just not realistic and we don’t have the space. You might be surprised however, at how little space a well-designed walk-in wardrobe can need.

It is definitely worthwhile asking one of our master wardrobe craftsmen to check out your available space, to see what they can come up with for your new walk-in wardrobe. You might find that we can double or even triple your wardrobe storage space, simply by rejigging a few things around.

So if you are still living with old out-dated wardrobes in Perth, give us a call and we will show you how we can make your lifestyle so much better!

Contact Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

The Man Of The House Needs His Own Wardrobes For Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Wardrobes For Guys

Guys always seem to be left out when it comes to wardrobe solutions – they are relegated to the far corner of the wardrobe with one draw, if they are really lucky. So men tend to rummage around in their wardrobe or their single draw for items of clothing, because everything is stuffed into such a small space.

Women on the other hand, still manage to rummage around in their wardrobes, even though they have the lion’s share of the wardrobe hanging spaces. This is where you really need a workable wardrobe storage solution that gives both of you sufficient wardrobe storage space for all of your belongings.

In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to fight for storage space in the wardrobe, not when there are so many great wardrobe storage solutions available at very affordable prices.

3 Reasons Why You Need Flexi Wardrobe Storage Solutions

We create quality wardrobes: Our wardrobes are custom designed by craftsmen and we only use the best quality materials in all of our wardrobe designs. You can chose from the Essentials Wardrobe range, the Designer Wardrobe range or the Platinum wardrobe range. The Essentials comprises our basic models, still high quality, but these are not walk-in wardrobes. The Designer and Platinum ranges are walk-in wardrobes, with the difference between these two ranges being in the cost of the construction materials and the finishes of your walk-in wardrobes.

You can custom design your own spaces: Whatever you need, you can design your own wardrobe solutions with the help of our craftsmen. So if you have a collection of hats or caps, maybe you collect cuff-links or you have 50 pairs of jeans – whatever mix of storage in wardrobes you need, we can design a wardrobe solution that perfectly suits your storage needs.

We do all of the installation: Once we have visited your residence and measured up the space, we can go ahead and manufacture your wardrobes. Then we transport them to your home and do all of the installation ourselves. So you don’t have to lift a finger – you just go to work as usual and when you come home – your custom designed wardrobes are  fully installed.

If you have the room, then a walk-in wardrobes  are the solutions to your storage problems, because you can both have enough space to hang all of your clothes, store all of your shoes and have a mix of shelves and draws to suit all of your belongings and personal items.

If you don’t have the room for a walk-in robe, we can simply customise our Essentials range and give you a more workable wardrobe solutions than you currently have at home.

So if you are ready to flex your muscles and investigate some workable wardrobe solutions for your home – call Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

The Pleasures Of Perth Walk-in Wardrobes

Increase Functionality Of Your Wardrobes

At Flexi wardrobes, we know that ladies never have enough wardrobe space, so the idea of a walk-in wardrobe in Perth can seem like heaven!

Walk-in wardrobes with doors work if you have enough space at home or can pinch some space from an adjoining room. It is well worth installing walk-in wardrobes in Perth, because let’s be honest – as ladies, we need all the storage space we can find for our clothes.

Some people have walk-in robes that are even bigger than their bedrooms, which is not such a bad idea, because there are so many storage uses for  really good custom built walk-in wardrobes with doors.

Increase the storage and function of your wardrobes with a custom design. Well, apart from having sufficient hanging spaces for all of your dresses, skirts, trousers and shirts, you can have lots of draw space for your fold up clothes as well. One of the problems with smaller wardrobes is that there is nowhere for storage  of your thick sweaters.

So you need a set of drawers as well, but drawers fill up really quickly when you try to fit thick sweaters in them. On the other hand with walk-in wardrobes, you can have oodles of storage and hanging space with lots of drawers, even including some open shelving for really chunky sweaters.

Then there are all of the shoe racks you can have as well, which makes finding the right shoes to suit your outfit a lot easier than rummaging around in the bottom of wardrobes. You can even have shelves for your hats, special hanging places for belts and scarves and even drawers designed specifically for your jewellery.

Don’t forget that you can have lots of mirrors in your walk-in wardrobe in Perth, as well as the right amount of lighting, making it much easier to decide on an outfit. Think about doors as well. Its a good idea to have doors to keep your valuables safe.

Of course, you need enough space for at least one comfy chair, so you can sit down and do your nails or decide on which shoes to wear. You can also have power points installed, so you can use your personal appliances in there as well.

It all comes down to increased functionality and a walk-in wardrobe can really turn out to be a little piece of heaven or a fabulous sanctuary in your home. The absolute pinnacle of indulgence is to have access to your ensuite very close to your walk-in robe, so you can really have that spa effect at home.

Just imagine having your dream bedroom with fabulous doors , a custom designed walk-in robe with the same matching doors and your ensuite doors all together in one area of your home – the true definition of paradise.

So if you are ready to renovate your bedroom and want the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe and doors in Perth, contact Flexi Wardrobes Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Teenage Wardrobes And Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Simple Wardrobes For Teenagers

If you have children, it’s a fair bet that they have rapidly outgrown their wardrobe spaces at home and their rooms are looking more cluttered as time moves on. Wardrobe solutions for teenagers don’t have to be difficult. Wardrobes can be very simple and effective.

We all know that even with the best home wardrobe storage solutions, teenagers are not that tidy with their wardrobes. However, if they only have an old, out-dated single or double doors wardrobe with one rail and a high shelf – they have no motivation to be tidy.

So if your teenagers have outgrown their wardrobe spaces, why not update their rooms with a wardrobe renovation!

We have three different wardrobe solution products, depending on your wardrobe and wardrobe doors budget and the available wardrobe space – our Essentials, Designer and our Platinum Wardrobes and wardrobe doors range.

Our Essentials wardrobes: These products are for teenagers who only have space for a wardrobe in their room, but need a mix of wardrobe hanging space, draws and shelves for all of their clothes and accessories. Instead of jamming everything into one single space, your teenager will have wardrobe place for everything and no excuses not to clear up all of their clutter.

Our Designer walk-in robes: These wardrobes, wardrobe doors and products are for teenagers who have the extra space for walk-in wardrobes doors and related products which is awesome for parents. This means that your teenager can store just about everything behind closed doors and keep all of their clutter out of sight. They will have a variety of different wardrobe solutions and we can design any mix of shelves, draws, hanging spaces or any other type of storage for wardrobes that is required.

Our Platinum walk-in robes: These are the top of the range wardrobes,  no-holes barred walk-in wardrobes and doors where you have an unlimited array of cabinetry and storage solutions available. The difference between our Designer Wardrobes and Platinum ranges is in the cost with the higher end finishes being available in the Platinum range.

Of course you can mix and match any of these styles and our most popular request is for the Essentials range with higher end finishes – mainly because of limited space in their teenager’s bedrooms.

Don’t forget that all of our wardrobe solutions, regardless of their cost, include a home visit so that our master craftsmen can design the perfect storage solution for your teenager. We can design storage for shoes, boots, handbags, motorbike helmets and sportswear – all in the one walk-in robe.

We have even been asked to include a small study space in a walk-in robe so their teenager can study in peace, away from the noisy household. So whatever your teenager’s storage needs, we can design the perfect solution for your home.

If your teenager has run out of storage in their bedroom, contact us at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth for all your wardrobe solutions – on 08 9301 4200 or contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

Declutter your life with top quality wardrobes Perth

Modern Wardrobes

They don’t make wardrobes like they used to – thank goodness! Do you remember the old single rail wardrobes with a shelf above? Don’t tell me you still have one of those wardrobes? Well, how is that going for you?

Those old style wardrobes just were not designed for today’s living, because twenty years ago we only had our Sunday best and our work clothes. I mean those old wardrobes were designed for two people – can you imagine that!

That’s why our custom built wardrobes are so popular, because we design and create wardrobes with our client’s needs in mind. We have three different design categories of wardrobes in Perth, depending on your wardrobe storage needs, your space and your budget – the Essentials, the Designer and the Platinum.

The Essentials Wardrobes in Perth

This is our basic custom design model and is a great wardrobe for home owners on a limited budget or with a small storage space. At this level you still have a high quality, custom designed wardrobe with good finishes and lots of storage space. You can mix and match your wardrobe hanging space with shoe racks, draws, storage shelves, sliding doors , hinged  doors  and so much more.

The Designer Wardrobes in Perth

Our intermediate level custom home wardrobes are where we start introducing walk in wardrobes – the ultimate in wardrobe storage self-indulgence. As you can imagine, you have a lot more scope at this level and can add so many more wardrobe options to your dressing space. Choices of sliding doors, non sliding doors. This is a good level to be at, but if you don’t have the space for a walk in wardrobe, then you can still have the higher quality custom wardrobe cabinetry and sliding the Essentials home wardrobe and wardrobe doors option (so you won’t miss out).

The Platinum Wardrobes in Perth

Obviously, this is the top of the range walk in wardrobe solution, where the sky is the limit and you can chose whatever wardrobe, wardrobe doors, finishes and wardrobe layout you desire. At this level your walk in wardrobe will be a sanctuary where you can lose yourself for an endless amount of time in the comfort of your bedroom space.

Even though we have three different options for wardrobes in Perth, this is meant more of a guide to you, than any hard and fast rules. What happens is that we come to your home, measure your wardrobe space and then talk about what you want from your wardrobes, doors, the practicalities and functionality.

Quality Wardrobes and Finishes

Let’s chat about wardrobes and finishes. Then you decide on a budget for your wardrobe makeover. Many of our clients don’t have the room for a walk in robe, but want high end cabinetry and finishes – this is our most frequent request.

So if you are still squeezing your clothes into an old wardrobe that was designed twenty years ago for two people, contact Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will have your wardrobe problems fixed in no time at all.

Wardrobe Solutions

Wardrobe Solutions

Do you have enough storage room in your wardrobes? Today’s modern wardrobe solutions are great, because they take into consideration that we need more modern wardrobe storage solutions than just a small hanging closet to store our clothes and accessories.

Are you fed up of your old wardrobes at home? Trying to find your favourite shirt or that designer belt amongst a whole host of other belongings in your wardrobes. This can be a serious chore, especially when your wardrobe storage space is too small. That’s the main problem with wardrobes today – they are too small, which leads to disorganisation and clutter.

Sometimes you even dread buying new clothes, because you have nowhere to store them! If this sounds like you, then you need our custom designed wardrobe solutions that will give you all the wardrobe storage solutions you need to store your clothes and belongings.

The Flexi Wardrobes maximise space

We can design home wardrobe storage solutions that perfectly suits your lifestyle and your space. Do you need lots of shelves or drawers for t-shirts, sweaters or hats, maybe lots of belt and tie storage, spaces for all of your shoes or extra room for hanging your trousers or dresses? We can design a wardrobe storage solution that perfectly suits your wardrobe requirements, one that is specific to your needs. We will custom build your wardrobe that is organised and workable.

You won’t need to rummage around in your old wardrobes at home trying to find that one item you wore last year that goes really well with your jeans and you won’t need to jam all of your clothes into a small wardrobe space any longer.

It is all about wardrobe organisation and smart wardrobe design – that is why our custom designed wardrobe solutions will transform the way you live your life. How good will it be to stop re-ironing squashed clothes and find exactly what you need in your wardrobes, because everything is at your fingertips?

The Flexi Wardrobe solutions are customised to your needs

Do you still have those old built-in wardrobes with one long rail hanging below a long shelf? How many times have you had to stand on something to dig around at the back of the wardrobe shelf for last year’s boots or to find the handbag that matches your summer sandals?

Well, you don’t have to put up with these old, unworkable wardrobes any longer. Get your wardrobes solutions sorted. With our customised wardrobe solutions you can add as many drawers, shelves and hanging rails as you need. Obviously, we have to consider the amount of wardrobe space available, but with custom designed wardrobe solutions you can get as close to perfect as possible – even in limited wardrobe spaces.

So if you are fed up of rummaging through your old wardrobe at home and desperately yearn for a workable wardrobe solution, contact Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

5 Benefits of Flexi Wardrobes Perth

Wardrobes can make a statement

In many homes in Perth, wardrobes are more of an afterthought, simply providing storage space in the bedrooms. This is a shame, because a fitted wardrobe can be a wonderful design statement, adding elegance and style to your bedrooms.

Some people prefer a standalone wardrobe, but this type of  wardrobe rarely fits the intended space properly and tends to collect dust on the top, which if not annoying – can be a health hazard.

At Flexi Wardrobes, we have three different wardrobe styles available for your home, so let’s look at 5 great benefits of installing a Flexi Wardrobe in your bedroom.

Built by master craftsmen

All of our wardrobes are designed and built by master craftsmen, who know how to combine functionality and style into your wardrobe. The majority of built-in wardrobes you find in many homes are mass produced and based purely on functionality – they give you space to store your clothes. We know however, that the design and style of your wardrobe is also important, which is why we have master craftsmen on our team.

Designed for optimising useable space

When you are at the top of your craft, you know how to design a wardrobe that maximises the available space and looks good as well. Most of your bedrooms are not huge, they are just a comfortable size, so it is important to have as much wardrobe storage as possible – without making your bedroom feel crowded. Our wardrobe designs use every inch of space, so you have the maximum amount of storage possible.

Quality materials and fittings

Our robes and wardrobe doors are manufactured using only the very best and highest quality materials. We want your wardrobe and wardrobe doors  to not only be functional and stylish, but to last a long time as well. With our hand crafted wardrobes and doors you know that you have a quality product that will compliment your style and you will be proud to show off to your family.

Your choice

The choice is up to you! We can create your wardrobes to have as much hanging space as you need with plenty of shelves and space for shoes, with or without doors. You might want some of the shelves to be on view for easy access or for displaying your accessories, but whether or not you have doors – all of your wardrobes will look stunning side by side.

Built in or walk in robes

We can custom design your robes to be built-in or walk-in, again the choice is up to you. If you have the space, then a walk-in wardrobe is the height of luxury, but our built-in robes are the next best option.

Our custom designed wardrobes are very affordable, so if you want to book a private consultation in your home, contact  Flexi Wardrobes Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Spring Clean Your Walk In Wardrobe

Walk in Wardrobe – In Perth, It doesn’t matter whether you have walk in robes or built in robes with doors. Wardrobes need to be organised. Does your wardrobe currently look like it could appear on an episode of “Hoarders”? Many of us are guilty for hanging onto items in our wardrobes that no longer fit us or are no longer in fashion and before it’s too late, our wardrobes look like the clothing equivalent of the Amazon rainforest! So before you embark on a spree to pick up the latest must haves for the season, it’s probably time you did a bit of spring cleaning in your wardrobe! Sorting wardrobes is a task many people loathe (I mean, you never know when stirrup leggings and bum-bags will come back in fashion!), but it’s a necessity to create essential space in your wardrobes. Not sure where to start in your wardrobes? Here are some tips to help you declutter your wardrobe.

Sorting your walk in wardrobe with a friend

How about inviting a friend over to help with the wardrobes? Maybe you could exchange the favour, your friend may have a wardrobe clutter problem as well. Pour a drink and put on some tunes. No, seriously. Spring cleaning your wardrobes doesn’t have to be a boring task. Invite a friend over, grab a bottle of wine and put on some music that keeps your energy levels high. A glass or two of wine and an honest friend can help you be decisive on discarding items in your wardrobe that you’re unsure about.

Empty your wardrobe!

Empty your wardrobe. Yep, that’s right, all of your wardrobe! Taking everything out of your wardrobes allows you to go through each item separately. Your wardrobe needs to be a vacant space before you start. By emptying your wardrobe you have a a clean slate when it comes to reorganising your wardrobe.

Create categories for your walk in or built in robes

Divide and conquer! Create three categories – items you want to keep, items you want to ditch and items you’re undecided on. Be harsh (this is where the honest friend comes in). If you’re undecided on any items, ask yourself these questions:

Does it fit? We are all guilty of having items in our wardrobes that do not fit, but maybe we might lose weight…….yeah right! Give it to charity and replace ill fitting clothing in your wardrobe  with clothing that does fit.

Scruffy in the wardrobes? Do you have items in your wardrobe that need repairs or alterations? Will they still be in Fashion when you get around to getting them done?

If the item in your wardrobe are damaged or badly stained? Are you actually going to make the effort to get them repaired? if in doubt , get them out!

Are there retail therapy mistakes in your wardrobes? If you went shopping tomorrow, would you buy these items in your wardrobes again?

Does it make you feel confident when you wear it? Are there items in your wardrobes that make you feel uncomfortable? If so give these wardrobe space

Wardrobes needing Reorganisation! When putting items back in your wardrobes, have a system. It may be to group your dresses, jeans, tops, jumpers separately in your wardrobes. It may be to organise by colour or season in your wardrobes. Whatever it is, having a system will make your wardrobe look neater and will save time when hunting for something to wear. invaders  to a friend or donate to charity.

There are times to be a little more cautious with unused items in your wardrobes.Bear in mind though that you if you spent $1,000 on that gorgeous gown for a special event 2 years ago, you probably shouldn’t throw it out. Keep good quality wardrobe staples and expensive occasional wear in your wardrobes as these items generally never go out of fashion.

Now that your wardrobe has had a detox, it should look neat, tidy and have plenty of room for all your new season purchases! If you’ve thrown away boxes and boxes of items and still don’t have enough room for your things in your wardrobes why not call Flexi Built in Wardrobes and doors Perth and speak with one of their experienced Perth designers on how they can maximise the storage space in your built in robes or walk in wardrobe?

How to Create Dream Walk In Wardrobes and Wardrobe doors in Perth

Are you dreaming of a walk in wardrobe that will rival Cher Horowitz’s computerised closet from “Clueless”? Perhaps you’d like to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and “have your money where you can see it, hanging in your closet”?

Flexi Wardrobes Perth can help you plan out your walk in wardrobe and wardrobe doors and ensure you have a timeless wardrobe that all your friends will envy! Here are some expert wardrobe tips from Flexi’s Perth Wardrobes walk in wardrobe designers to help  create your amazing your walk-in wardrobe  and doors for your robes become a reality.

  • Think about who will be using the robes. Designing a walk in wardrobe for one person in Perth can be very different from designing one for a couple so it’s important to determine who the wardrobe is for, and how much space each person will be getting for their belongings.
  • Are you using your walk in wardrobes as storage for other items, such as sports goods or extra bedding? Determine how the space in the wardrobe will be used to ensure that you have adequate storage space for it all. If you have high ceilings, consider adding wardrobe doors above your wardrobe shelving and wardrobe hanging space for additional storage for these items.
  • Think about how many drawers you’re going to need in your wardrobe and where they will be placed. You don’t want drawers right next to a walk way or tucked in the corner as they then become hard to access. Once you’ve decided on where your wardrobe drawers will go, you can design the wardrobes hanging space around the robes location.
  • Work out your wardrobes hanging space. Full hanging is generally required for evening and maxi dresses, three quarter hanging is generally for suits, summer dresses, pants hung at full length, coats and longer jackets and half hanging is suitable for shirts, tops, blouses, skirts and pants hung in half. Working out what clothes you have will assist you in ensuring you have adequate wardrobe hanging spaces at the right height.
  • Try to position your “occasional” garment hanging space (which is commonly the full length handing space) in the corners of wardrobes. They can sometimes be harder to access so it will be less inconvenient if you only have to access this part of your wardrobes once in a while, rather than every day.
  • Don’t forget about your shoes! Many people like the look of angled shoe shelving, to allow for ease of viewing and access in wardrobes. It also adds an elegant touch to the overall look of your walk in wardrobes. Adding doors to your wardrobes shoe display can assist in keeping the dust off your shoes and therefore increasing their longevity. You can also integrate wire baskets in your wardrobes for your flat soled shoes that you don’t want on display.
  • Wardrobe doors. If you don’t like mess or clutter, or if your walk in wardrobes are open to your bedroom, consider adding wardrobe doors. Walk in wardrobes by nature can feel a little messy due to the variety of colours and lack of symmetry but adding doors to the wardrobes can create an aesthetically pleasing look and with such a variety of wardrobe doors available, can be another feature of your walk in wardrobe. Wardrobes with beautiful doors are a feature in any Perth bedroom.
  • Doors for your robes. If you don’t have doors on your walk in wardrobes, think about placing your drawers or mirrored cabinet doors opposite the entry so that it’s the first thing you see as it will help to make your wardrobes feel tidy.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a large walk in wardrobe, island drawers in the middle of the room add extra storage and create a boutique feel. Add a glass top to your island bench to show off your jewellery and add drawers to hold your smaller handbags or clutch purses, belts and accessories. Island benches can also be built with a small seat for a convenient area to put on your shoes.
  • Integrate a laundry hamper. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful walk in wardrobe to showcase your clothing and accessories and then having a pile of dirty clothes in the corner. Having an in-built laundry hamper to match the colour of your wardrobe will provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to those messy clothes.
  • Add some accessories, such as pull out belt racks, ties racks, trouser racks and valet rods. To your robes. These can be a great way to utilise odd spaces in your robes , as well as provide functional solutions to storing your accessories.
  • Don’t forget to think about the lighting your walk in wardrobe. Ensuring you have adequate lighting in front of mirrors, in corners and above drawers in the robes can make all the difference between a beautifully functional wardrobe and a dim nightmare.
  • Engage the services of a professional! In Perth, Flexi’s wardrobe designers have years of experience in designing beautiful walk in wardrobes and can assist you in creating the walk in wardrobe of your dreams. To arrange an appointment with one of Flexi’s Perth experienced wardrobes and wardrobe doors designers, simply call us on 9301 4200 or visit our Joondalup Perth or Myaree Perth showrooms.

Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Doors

When wanting to add some new life to a bedroom, most people tend to opt for a lick of paint to brighten things up. Another way to modernise a bedroom is to install some new wardrobe doors to built in robes. Robe doors come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be made to match almost any décor and lifestyle. Here is an extensive list of the wardrobe doors that Flexi Wardrobes can custom make to spruce up your wardrobe.

Slab Wardrobe Door

Available in a range of colours, slab wardrobe door is perfect for those wanting a neutral, basic look. A popular choice for children’s rooms, plain slabbed door is available in a range of colours and can be custom made to suit both hinged and sliding frames. They are made to a maximum height of 2.4m high, which is standard ceiling height. If you have high ceilings, Flexi can create a two-tier door, which is essentially a second robe door above the standard wardrobe door. This can be a great place to store items such as extra bedding or luggage.

Shoji Wardrobe Door

The Shoji door is one of the most popular doors. Inspired by Japanese architecture, Shoji literally translates to “Interceptor”. The Shoji door is available with 4, 6 or 8 panel inserts. With a variety of materials available for the inserts, including mirror, white glass, black glass, satin deco glass, opal acrylic and white acrylic, along with Flexi’s range of board colours, the possibilities are endless in terms of look. Shoji wardrobes doors can be made to a maximum height of 2.4m and are available in both hinged and sliding doors. You can also create a two-tier door using the Shoji wardrobe door.

Recessed Wardrobe Door

Perfect for people wanting a contemporary look, but still budget conscious, the recessed doors consists of a laminate board frame around a stylish glass or acrylic insert. Recessed doors are frequently used with a mirrored insert to incorporate a full length mirror in the room, but are also available with white glass, black glass, satin deco glass, opal acrylic and white acrylic inserts. The recessed wardrobe door can be made to a maximum of 2.4m high or you can have a two-tiered door system and are available to suit hinged or sliding frames.

Stella Sliding Wardrobe Door

The Stella sliding door has an aluminium frame, rather than timber and as such can go up to a height of 2.7m so are perfect for those with high ceilings. The Stella sliding door can be made with 3 panelled inserts, in up to 3 different colours, or alternatively, you can have mirrored doors. Stella doors are only available to suit sliding doors.

Embossed Wardrobe Door

Perfect for people wanting an authentic wood grain look, without the price tag and maintenance of a timber veneer product, the Embossed door has a textured grain and is available in 6 different colours. Embossed doors can be made 2.8m high, and can suit a hinged or sliding frame.

Vinyl Wrap Wardrobe Door

Vinyl wrapped doors are perfect for both hinged or sliding and are perfect for those wanting to compliment a more traditional style of décor . They are available with a wide range of different carvings to give a range of different effects. Vinyl wrapped doors can also be made to imitate the Shoji style door, but with rounded corners. These doors can be made to suit 2.7m high ceiling and are available in hinged or sliding doors.

Both Flexi’s Myaree and Joondalup showroom have extensive displays of the stylish wardrobe hinged and sliding doors available and are open Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm so if you are still unsure, why not pop in and discuss your requirements with one of our experience designers?