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How to get the best Wardrobe Solution Perth

Wardrobes Perth

Once viewed as a luxury addition to the household, wardrobes are now an essential item in almost every home, regardless of whether it’s a built-in robe or a luxurious walk-in dressing room. And for most of us, they are generally storage solutions for more than just our day-to-day clothes. They also store our shoes, hats, bags, jewellery, blankets, suitcases, toys and everything else that doesn’t seem to have its own place in our home.

So how do we ensure that our wardrobes are meeting our needs, not just practically but also aesthetically? Clever designing and forward planning can go a long way in ensuring that your wardrobes will not only meeting your family’s growing needs, but also be a timeless furniture piece that won’t go out of fashion. That’s where Flexi can help. Our designers have years of expertise and industry knowledge to guide you through the process of redesigning your wardrobe and ensuring it will meet your needs for years to come.

Before deciding on what new wardrobe design is going to suit your needs, here are some common questions that Flexi get asked by our clients on how to create beautifully functional wardrobe solutions in Perth.

Q – I don’t have a robe at all in my room. Can you still help?

A – Yes! Even if you don’t have existing wardrobes or robe recesses, Flexi’s experienced designers can create a built-in robe for you. Using an existing wall as one end, you just need to install an end panel on the other end. Our designers can assist you in deciding which wall would be the most optimal position for your wardrobe solution in Perth, to ensure you don’t lose too much floor space.

Q – I have a small walk-in-robe. How do I make the most out of my space?

A – Innovative planning and designs can maximise the storage space of your wardrobes and create stylish storage solutions for your belongings. Introduce double hanging spaces to increase the amount of half-hanging in your robe. Most people don’t require a lot of full hanging space in their wardrobes, as this is generally only require for long dresses and suits. If you have high ceilings, why not add some shelving up high to create some additional storage for those items that are used infrequently, such as suitcases and spare blankets? Adding some handy accessories such as tie racks and belt racks can be ideal solutions to make the most out of awkward places and ensure that everything has its own place.

Q – I would like to fit out my children’s wardrobes but don’t want to have to redo it in a few years as they grow. How do I ensure that my wardrobes will be suitable for my growing family?

A – Flexi’s rail-hung system is the perfect wardrobe solution Perth for a growing family! Young children tend to require more shelving and drawers and very little hanging space, whilst teenagers prefer less shelving and more hanging space. A rail-hung system has pre-drilled holes, allowing you to adjust the heights of your shelving and hanging rails quickly and easily, without requiring any additional work from a qualified installer. You can also add hanging rails or shelving at a later date, allowing a fully customised storage solution for any future needs.

Q – How much are my new wardrobes going to cost?

A – The cost of a wardrobe solution Perth is difficult to estimate as there are so many factors that influence the price. Elevated wardrobes will cost less than wardrobes that go down to the floor, having slab doors is less expensive than having mirrored doors and so on, so it is hard to provide an accurate quotation without having an industry experienced designer come and meet with you, measure your wardrobes or the area you propose to put your new wardrobes, discuss your requirements and assist with a design.  Our designers will tailor a storage solution to meet your needs and you will be able to view a 3D computer generate image of your wardrobes to assist you in your decision making process. Flexi can cater to almost all budgets and our expert designers can guide you to making the right selections based on your budget. Flexi’s prices for your wardrobe solution in Perth also include the full installation of your new wardrobes by qualified tradespeople, as well as a 10 year limited warranty for peace of mind.

Q – I have a large dressing room and would like a glamorous, luxury wardrobe. What would you suggest?

A – Many homes these days are being designed with wardrobes that are as big as a bedroom and are a feature to show off to friends and family. Larger wardrobes, also known as a dressing room, can be an optimal storage solution for couples without causing arguments over who is using the most space! You can create a glamorous look in large walk-in wardrobes by upgrading to coloured board instead of standard white. This helps to make your walk in robe more of a furniture piece, than a hide-away storage solution. You could even upgrade to gloss for an added touch of class.

Adding a walk-in robe island also makes the most of what would normally be wasted space and creates a boutique feel to the room. Flexi can assist you in creating a display cabinet for your jewellery and watches, with a glass top and jewellery insert in lockable drawers, allowing glamorous storage for your precious items, with a sense of security. Adding a step to the cabinet allows a dedicated area for you to put on your shoes, whilst also creating additional storage solutions by having drawers underneath.

Speaking of shoes, most women dream about being able to have their fabulous heels on display and if you have the space, then why wouldn’t you? Angled shoe shelves with chrome toe ends are an elegant way to display all of your fancy footwear and as they can be floor to ceiling, can hold as many pairs as your heart desires!

Call Flexi today and arrange an appointment with one of experience designers for a free in home quotation for your fully customized wardrobe solution Perth.

Q – I currently have hinged doors but would like sliding doors. Is this possible?

A – Yes! Sliding doors on your wardrobes can help create space in a small room as you don’t need to allow for clearance of the robe doors opening. Flexi’s qualified installers will simply change the frame of your current robe to one that’s suitable for a sliding door robe.

Still unsure if Flexi can provide you with help for your wardrobe solutions Perth? We’ve seen plenty of wardrobes in our time and our experience, training and expertise enable us to answer almost any question and assist almost everyone so call us today and turn woeful wardrobes into a beautifully functional masterpiece!

July 20, 2015