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Are You Overwhelmed With Your Wardrobes In Perth?

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Do you struggle everyday with your tiny, disorganised wardrobes? The problem is that most wardrobes in Perth are too small and don’t have the organisation design that we need for today’s busy lifestyles.

At some time or another, most home owners become completely disillusioned with their wardrobes in Perth and decide that it is time for a revamp. When you are ready to explore new wardrobe storage ideas for your home in Perth, it pays to do your homework so you can make sure that you get it right.

First of all you need to find some expert advice on the type of wardrobes that are best for your situation at home. At Flexi Wardrobes in Perth, we have years of experience designing the perfect wardrobes for our customers and we will come to your home, look at your storage space and give you our expert opinion on what style of wardrobes will work for you and your family.

You can select either a built in wardrobe in Perth or a walk-in wardrobe with or without doors and your decision will most likely be based on the space you have available and your budget.

Space: If you currently have a built-in wardrobe in Perth and you have no more space available, then clearly you will want to replace like with like. The difference between your current wardrobe and a new Flexi built-in wardrobe is that our wardrobes are made by master craftsmen and will be hand crafted specifically to suit your needs.

So if you want extra hanging space or a built-in shoe rack or a row of shelves in your Perth wardrobe, we can give you exactly what you want to make your life easier. On the other hand if you have additional space, then we can design you a beautiful walk-in wardrobe that will really put a smile on your face.

Budget: At Flexi Wardrobes in Perth we have wardrobes to suit every budget. None of our wardrobes are flat packs, all of them are custom made by our master craftsmen for each client. The cost of your wardrobes will depend on whether they are built-ins or walk-ins, the finish you require and their size.

We only use high quality materials on all of our wardrobes, including all the fittings and door furniture. So whatever your budget, you will be surprised at the quality and the affordability of our wardrobes.

Why not pop into our Perth showrooms so you can see the quality of our wardrobes first hand? Then we can have a chat about how we can help you achieve the wardrobes of your dreams.

For information on our customised wardrobes in Perth or to set up an appointment with our designers, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

May 5, 2016