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Spring Clean Your Walk In Wardrobe

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Walk in Wardrobe – In Perth, It doesn’t matter whether you have walk in robes or built in robes with doors. Wardrobes need to be organised. Does your wardrobe currently look like it could appear on an episode of “Hoarders”? Many of us are guilty for hanging onto items in our wardrobes that no longer fit us or are no longer in fashion and before it’s too late, our wardrobes look like the clothing equivalent of the Amazon rainforest! So before you embark on a spree to pick up the latest must haves for the season, it’s probably time you did a bit of spring cleaning in your wardrobe! Sorting wardrobes is a task many people loathe (I mean, you never know when stirrup leggings and bum-bags will come back in fashion!), but it’s a necessity to create essential space in your wardrobes. Not sure where to start in your wardrobes? Here are some tips to help you declutter your wardrobe.

Sorting your walk in wardrobe with a friend

How about inviting a friend over to help with the wardrobes? Maybe you could exchange the favour, your friend may have a wardrobe clutter problem as well. Pour a drink and put on some tunes. No, seriously. Spring cleaning your wardrobes doesn’t have to be a boring task. Invite a friend over, grab a bottle of wine and put on some music that keeps your energy levels high. A glass or two of wine and an honest friend can help you be decisive on discarding items in your wardrobe that you’re unsure about.

Empty your wardrobe!

Empty your wardrobe. Yep, that’s right, all of your wardrobe! Taking everything out of your wardrobes allows you to go through each item separately. Your wardrobe needs to be a vacant space before you start. By emptying your wardrobe you have a a clean slate when it comes to reorganising your wardrobe.

Create categories for your walk in or built in robes

Divide and conquer! Create three categories – items you want to keep, items you want to ditch and items you’re undecided on. Be harsh (this is where the honest friend comes in). If you’re undecided on any items, ask yourself these questions:

Does it fit? We are all guilty of having items in our wardrobes that do not fit, but maybe we might lose weight…….yeah right! Give it to charity and replace ill fitting clothing in your wardrobe  with clothing that does fit.

Scruffy in the wardrobes? Do you have items in your wardrobe that need repairs or alterations? Will they still be in Fashion when you get around to getting them done?

If the item in your wardrobe are damaged or badly stained? Are you actually going to make the effort to get them repaired? if in doubt , get them out!

Are there retail therapy mistakes in your wardrobes? If you went shopping tomorrow, would you buy these items in your wardrobes again?

Does it make you feel confident when you wear it? Are there items in your wardrobes that make you feel uncomfortable? If so give these wardrobe space

Wardrobes needing Reorganisation! When putting items back in your wardrobes, have a system. It may be to group your dresses, jeans, tops, jumpers separately in your wardrobes. It may be to organise by colour or season in your wardrobes. Whatever it is, having a system will make your wardrobe look neater and will save time when hunting for something to wear. invaders  to a friend or donate to charity.

There are times to be a little more cautious with unused items in your wardrobes.Bear in mind though that you if you spent $1,000 on that gorgeous gown for a special event 2 years ago, you probably shouldn’t throw it out. Keep good quality wardrobe staples and expensive occasional wear in your wardrobes as these items generally never go out of fashion.

Now that your wardrobe has had a detox, it should look neat, tidy and have plenty of room for all your new season purchases! If you’ve thrown away boxes and boxes of items and still don’t have enough room for your things in your wardrobes why not call Flexi Built in Wardrobes and doors Perth and speak with one of their experienced Perth designers on how they can maximise the storage space in your built in robes or walk in wardrobe?

September 30, 2015