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The Man Of The House Needs His Own Wardrobes For Wardrobe Storage Solutions

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Wardrobes For Guys

Guys always seem to be left out when it comes to wardrobe solutions – they are relegated to the far corner of the wardrobe with one draw, if they are really lucky. So men tend to rummage around in their wardrobe or their single draw for items of clothing, because everything is stuffed into such a small space.

Women on the other hand, still manage to rummage around in their wardrobes, even though they have the lion’s share of the wardrobe hanging spaces. This is where you really need a workable wardrobe storage solution that gives both of you sufficient wardrobe storage space for all of your belongings.

In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to fight for storage space in the wardrobe, not when there are so many great wardrobe storage solutions available at very affordable prices.

3 Reasons Why You Need Flexi Wardrobe Storage Solutions

We create quality wardrobes: Our wardrobes are custom designed by craftsmen and we only use the best quality materials in all of our wardrobe designs. You can chose from the Essentials Wardrobe range, the Designer Wardrobe range or the Platinum wardrobe range. The Essentials comprises our basic models, still high quality, but these are not walk-in wardrobes. The Designer and Platinum ranges are walk-in wardrobes, with the difference between these two ranges being in the cost of the construction materials and the finishes of your walk-in wardrobes.

You can custom design your own spaces: Whatever you need, you can design your own wardrobe solutions with the help of our craftsmen. So if you have a collection of hats or caps, maybe you collect cuff-links or you have 50 pairs of jeans – whatever mix of storage in wardrobes you need, we can design a wardrobe solution that perfectly suits your storage needs.

We do all of the installation: Once we have visited your residence and measured up the space, we can go ahead and manufacture your wardrobes. Then we transport them to your home and do all of the installation ourselves. So you don’t have to lift a finger – you just go to work as usual and when you come home – your custom designed wardrobes are  fully installed.

If you have the room, then a walk-in wardrobes  are the solutions to your storage problems, because you can both have enough space to hang all of your clothes, store all of your shoes and have a mix of shelves and draws to suit all of your belongings and personal items.

If you don’t have the room for a walk-in robe, we can simply customise our Essentials range and give you a more workable wardrobe solutions than you currently have at home.

So if you are ready to flex your muscles and investigate some workable wardrobe solutions for your home – call Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

December 10, 2015