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3 Reasons Why You Need Wardrobe Doors On Your Walk-in Robes

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Walk-in robes are becoming very popular in new homes and with renovators as well, but the one item that is often forgotten are the robe doors. People seem to think that they don’t need to close off  on their walk-in robes, but there are some really good reasons why this isn’t necessarily so.

You can of course, leave your wardrobe doors until later, if you have a tight budget, but you really do need a door on your walk-ins for the following 3 reasons.

1.     Hide All The Mess In Your Walk-in Robes

With a wide open entry way to your walk-in robes, every time you walk by you are going to see any mess you have in there. You might even be lying in bed reading a book or watching TV and depending on the layout of your bedroom, you can see right into your walk-in robe.

It is fair to say that many of us are not too tidy when it comes to our walk-in robes, so installing a door is going to keep all of this out of sight and out of mind.

2.     Give You A Secure Area

Many of us have valuables that we keep in a lockable safe, but if this safe is kept in a lockable walk-in wardrobe, then your valuables are doubly secure. You might also want to keep your jewellery, camera gear and other valuable items in your walk-in robes, because you might have nowhere else to store them!

Installing a door simply makes perfect sense, particularly when you can fix secure locks to the door and put an extra security between burglars and your valuable items.

3.    Can Complete Your Design

Who wants a gaping hole in the wall of their bedroom? When you have gone to all of the trouble to design the layout and the style of both your bedroom and your ensuite, please don’t forget the robe door, as they will complete the whole design. You can match them to your robe space and to your ensuite door, as well as to your other furniture in the room, so that you have a cohesive design, rather than a mishmash of different styles.

    4.  Robe Doors

At Flexi Wardrobes, we can design the door for your walk-in robes to perfectly match your design style and decor, and we can make them strong and tough to give you added security.

So if you are in the market for a new robe door, talk to the experts at Flexi Wardrobes and we will make sure you have the perfect finish to your design. Call us at Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

July 6, 2016