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Custom Wardrobes Perth
September 24, 2018

Speaking from experience I can understand why so many of my friends have found the transition from living in a spacious house, to relocating into a more compact residence, very difficult and challenging.

There just does not seem to be enough room to put all of your stuff.

It is quite…

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Custom Wardrobes Perth
September 19, 2018

How do some wardrobe solutions differ from the run of the mill standard wardrobe designs from years gone past? Some people may think that wardrobes are wardrobes with not much to tell them apart.

That is no longer the case, with the trend for needing more and more clothing options…

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Custom Wardrobes Perth
September 12, 2018

With the ever increasing need for functional storage solutions in the bedroom, it stands to reason that more and more people are looking for smart and innovative ideas to create extra practical storage spaces within the limited space of their rooms.

There is no need to put up with…

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wardrobe doors
August 24, 2018

Many people in Perth are making the decision to add new wardrobes to their home.  Adding new wardrobes can make a huge difference to the overall look of a home.  Most people are amazed at the difference new wardrobes can make to a room or home.

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wardrobes perth
August 17, 2018

Flexi Wardrobes in Perth can create custom wardrobes to suit any persons taste or any home decor.  The team at Flexi Wardrobes understand that everyone’s wardrobes needs are different.  That’s why they take the time to come out to the customers home, review the space…

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custom wardrobes
August 12, 2018

When most people hear the term wardrobe, they think of the bedroom, clothes and hangers.  Or on the more luxurious note, perhaps a large walk-in wardrobe with all the trimmings! However at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth, the innovative team design and build custom wardrobes for…

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Custom Wardrobes Perth
August 7, 2018

Wardrobes have come a long way in recent years.  Modern wardrobes offer so much variety in design, style and functionality. Gone are the days of the simple hanging rail and hooks.  There are so many different styles to suit different people and lifestyles.

Flexi Wardrobes in…

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July 30, 2018

Choosing new wardrobes for a Perth home can be a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Most people don’t get to choose new wardrobes many times during their lifetime, so it is important to get it right.  The right wardrobe can play an integral part…

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Wardrobes Perth
July 16, 2018

When people choose to install customised wardrobes in their Perth home, they are often unsure what to expect.  Customised wardrobes are uniquely made for each individual customer and home.  The team at Flexi Wardrobes understands that everyone has different needs when it comes to…

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July 11, 2018

Flexi Wardrobes in Perth takes the stress out of adding a new custom wardrobe to a home!  Flexi Wardrobes have been designing and building custom wardrobes for the people of Perth for many years.   Their industry experienced designers can help to create wardrobes…

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