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Add Value To Your Perth Home With Wardrobes In Perth

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Design Your Wardrobes

You might not think that adding new wardrobes and wardrobe doors in Perth homes would increase the value of a property, but if you install a custom made, walk-in wardrobe and doors it will!

Maybe you have the old style wardrobe at home , the one with a single horizontal rail, hanging space below and storage space above? These are just so unworkable for today’s stylish women, because everything has to be crammed on the wardrobe hanging rail, shoes are a jumble on the floor and you can’t reach anything up above on the wardrobe shelf.

Well, if you replace this type of wardrobe in Perth with a new designer wardrobe, you might not increase the value of your home, but it will be eminently more sellable to buyers. It will also make your life a lot easier, when you have a wardrobe built that actually works for you and all your clothes storage.

Custom designed Wardrobes

If we come back to the walk-in Perth wardrobes for a moment, changing up your old outdated wardrobe with a custom designed and built walk-in wardrobe and doors will make a huge difference to your lifestyle. Just about every woman has a dream of a walk-in wardrobes and matching wardrobe doors, so if you have the space available, it is a super idea and if you love it, you can imagine that buyers will love  a gorgeous wardrobe and doors as well.

Of course, you don’t need to be putting your house on the market in the near future to be installing great walk-in wardrobes and doors , even though it would increase the value of your home. All you need is a crammed wardrobe and enough space to fit a walk-in wardrobe and you are good to go!

You don’t even need to use the spare guest bedroom for your new wardrobe, because as long as you can pinch some storage space from somewhere in the home , a custom made walk-in wardrobe can be designed to be as big or as small as your storage space allows.

We can all agree that it would be awesome to have massive walk-in wardrobes and wardrobe doors  in Perth, like the ones you see in the TV shows, but sometimes this is just not realistic and we don’t have the space. You might be surprised however, at how little space a well-designed walk-in wardrobe can need.

It is definitely worthwhile asking one of our master wardrobe craftsmen to check out your available space, to see what they can come up with for your new walk-in wardrobe. You might find that we can double or even triple your wardrobe storage space, simply by rejigging a few things around.

So if you are still living with old out-dated wardrobes in Perth, give us a call and we will show you how we can make your lifestyle so much better!

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December 16, 2015