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Building A Granny Flat? Why Not Add A Walk In Wardrobe?

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You might not have considered adding a walk in wardrobe to your new granny flat, but it isn’t a silly idea. You have to admit that a walk in robe would be fabulous in the granny flat, making it even more special and functional.

Isn’t A Walk In Wardrobe Expensive?

Well, the two problems that most people have when they build a granny flat are space and money. So you might be happily surprised to know that a conservative sized walk-in wardrobe won’t break the bank and a walk-in wardrobe won’t take up a lot of space.

A walk in wardrobe can be added as a renovation, but it can easily be included in your building plans and will make a huge difference to the feel and usability of the granny flat. After all, you already have the space set aside in the home for a regular wardrobe with a horizontal wardrobe hanging bar, and space above and below for wardrobe storage.

So why not add a touch more space to the wardrobe  area and include a made to order walkin wardrobe. A walkin wardrobe is a practical wardrobe. A highly organised walk in wardrobe for little added cost. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars creating your dream walk in wardrobe in your home , but with a granny flat walkin wardrobe you just want a practical and well made walkin wardrobe.

Choosing Your Walk In Wardrobe

At Flexi Wardrobes we have 4 different ranges of walkin wardrobes and built in wardrobes, to suit different budgets and all the wardrobes  ( walkin or other ) which are made to order and can be customised to your wardrobe needs. There is no need to worry if you have a tight wardrobe budget, all you need to do is to give us a call and we will come and inspect your walkin wardrobe space at your home or your home building plans.

Once we know what we are working with and your budget, then we can give you a few ideas for your walk in robe and you can then make your final decision.

We even come in and install your walk in wardrobe for you. So if you are renovating your granny flat, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will come out, measure your space and design the perfect walk in wardrobe for your granny flat.

February 25, 2016