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Designer Wardrobes Perth

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Designer wardrobes in Perth are fast becoming the “in thing” in new home design. More and more of us want to have the luxury of walking into our robes, seeing all our clothes and accessories displayed before us and then choosing our outfit for the day.

Luxury Walk in Wardrobes Perth

This wardrobe design can be a reality, it is just a matter of priority. If you are looking at building a new residence, and you have a really good think about that fourth bedroom which is only going to be used for guests, why not use that space for a magnificent custom designed dressing area / walk in robe. With the space of a minor bedroom you could have the designer dressing area and robe of your dreams.

If you are on a budget, this will not add too many dollars to your budget as the fourth bedroom would already have provision for a power point, light fitting, built in robe with hanging rail, lighting, a door and there would also be a window in the room as well. So with some builder’s credit on window and door, this could go towards some extra shelving and rails in the new master dressing suite.

When you have saved some more money further down the track, you can then add in some doors, smart storage racks, built in furniture with drawers, shoe racks, mirrors, Hollywood lighting and mini bar if required.

Add Value To Your Home With A Dressing Room In Your Wardrobe

Yes, you can definitely add value and appeal to your home by creating a walk in robe with outstanding storage solutions. Wow, what woman would pass up the option of a designer walk in wardrobe and dressing area suite.

It is all about priorities, what do you need and what do you want. If you need the extra bed room then that is the choice, however if you are choosing a 4 x 2 house because everyone else does, and if you are now an empty nester, my gosh, surely one or two spare bedrooms is enough for you. You might not want to make it too cosy for your guests, they might not want to leave.

A 3 x 2 house with a huge designer walk in dressing room/ robe storage would attract a lot of prospective middle aged property buyers….and who are the biggest group of prospective property buyers out there in WA…yes the middle aged baby boomers.

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September 20, 2016