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Cramped Wardrobes?

Do you spend your mornings rummaging through your wardrobe trying to find your clothes and shoes? Flexi wardrobes in Perth have the perfect solution to your wardrobe storage woes – a beautiful custom built wardrobe and wardrobe doors for all of your clothes, shoes, scarfs and other personal belongings.

The problem is that too many of us put up with a small disorganised wardrobe space, which might have been the right size for us ten years ago, but no longer suits our needs. Flexi wardrobes in Perth are designed for our modern Perth lifestyle, because we need more wardrobe space to hold all of our clothes, shoes and accessories.

Organising Wardrobes In Perth

If your wardrobe is the size of a telephone box, then the first step is to bring in some serious wardrobe storage organisation and then decide if you can still manage or if it is time to treat yourself to new wardrobes at home.

So take everything out of your wardrobe, lay it all on the bed and then sort it into 3 different piles. The first pile is for all the clothes, shoes and accessories you want to keep. You do need to be judicious here, because if you haven’t worn an item for over a year – do you really need it? Don’t clog your wardrobe storage with unneeded items.

Some of our clothes no longer fit us, some need mending and others are just out of fashion. So be sensible and only keep the clothes and shoes that you know you will wear. With the remaining items, sort them into two separate piles – those that can be recycled and go to charity and those that need to be thrown in the trash.

This might not be an easy step, some of us just don’t want to part with particular items. So if they have sentimental value, by all means keep them, but the point of this exercise is to reduce the amount of clothes you need to store in your Perth wardrobes to a manageable amount – focusing on wearing your clothes not storing them for eons!

Once you have 3 piles of items, place all of the clothes, shoes and accessories you want to keep back into your wardrobe. If at this point, your wardrobe is still unmanageable, you have trouble closing the doors, then you need to think about new wardrobe storage for your clothes.

At Flexi wardrobes in Perth we have lots of different custom wardrobe storage solutions for your wardrobes and wardrobe doors at home. We can custom build wardrobes and wardrobe doors to your exact requirements. You can have anything from  luxurious walk-in wardrobes to  stand-alone wardrobes with gorgeous doors, but whichever wardrobes and robe doors you choose for your home – it is going to be a better option than the wardrobes and robe doors you already have!

So contact Flexi Wardrobes and robe doors in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will come to your home, measure your space and create the perfect wardrobe solution for your lifestyle.

January 21, 2016