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Great Ideas For Walk-in Robes In Perth Homes

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If you are wondering whether you have enough room in your bedroom for walk-in wardrobes, you need to consider how much space you actually do have and whether you plan to keep all of your existing furniture.

The fact is that some bedroom furniture is very bulky. Bedheads and bedside drawers are often white elephants and offer very little in the way of practical storage.

If you were to empty your room of all furniture except for your mattress, you will get a very good idea of how much room you really do have, much more than you think.

Depending on where your windows are, and taking into account an ensuite door, you may choose to create the style of walk-in robe, where the back of the robe provides a wall for the bed to be set against. This works well with a robe doorway on either side of the bed adding a balanced feel to the room itself. Mounted wall lights can easily replace bedside lamps.

There is no real need for cluttered, dusty dressing tables, when you can have a gorgeous dressing mirror on your wall instead. With a smart wardrobe design, all of your clothing and accessories can be organised and stored within the walk-in robe, leaving the rest of the bedroom uncluttered and tidy.

To add continuity and style to your master bedroom, you can add awesome designer doors to the wardrobe doorways and the ensuite.

The ideas are endless and all very achievable.

Flexi Walk-in Robes For Storage With Style

A walk-in robe can combine open spaces with closed areas. You can incorporate doors, drawers and screened areas in amongst a more open plan space. Many people think of a walk-in robe as exactly that ‘walk in’. They like the idea of wardrobes that they can walk into to make their selections. Walk-in robes are perceived as more spacious and therefore a better bedroom storage solution.

Whether they are walk-in wardrobes or stand alone wardrobes, every wardrobe is unique. That is why Flexi’s industry experienced designers come to your home, at no cost to you, and work with you to create a 3D computer model of the walk-in robe design which meets your needs and specific requirements.

The team members from Flexi will take into consideration everything that will have an effect on the wardrobe design including:

Do yourself a favour and speak to the wardrobe designers at Flexi about your unique needs.

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October 18, 2018