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Innovative Designer Wardrobes Perth


If you are looking to build a new home and want to have something a little more special in a master bedroom suite, look at ideas for designer dressing rooms and robes.

The master ensuite bathroom is well and truly catered for these days with the spa baths and double showers, lets now turn to adding the Hollywood touch to your wardrobe space.

Walk In Wardrobes Perth

The sheer luxury of a walk in robe gives you open spaces with closed areas.  You can include matching a robe door, robe drawers and tastefully screened areas in amongst a more open plan space.  Match your wardrobe doors to your ensuite bathroom and bedroom doors. Walk in robes in Perth are seen as the more spacious of robes and therefore a better wardrobe solution.

However, the best solution may actually be a combination of walk in areas and more traditional, closed off robes or sections.

Your walk in robe design is a very personal thing.  Wardrobes need to suit your individual storage needs.

Now to create a luxury designer dressing area, robe combo, is really a little easier than it might seem. If you select a house plan that has an office or bedroom next to the master bedroom, this is ideal for your dressing room combo.

The cost is minimal as there are already cost provisions in the plan for the light, power point doors windows robes etc.

By taking your house plans and talking to the professionals at Flexi Wardrobes Perth you will be able to get great advice and a free quote on your luxury dressing room wardrobe combination.

You will be able to view the quality of their products and get more inspiration and ideas.

Flexi Wardrobes Perth

Choosing Flexi to build your custom robes is choosing to be original and stand out from the rest of the crowd.  Flexi Wardrobes Perth has an enviable selection of quality designer wardrobe handles to enhance your robe design and a stylish range of wardrobe colours.

Flexi wardrobe solutions also have an extensive collection of wardrobe door accessories for all your wardrobe solutions including door knobs, door handles, draw knobs and draw handles.

There are gorgeous mirrors and lighting ideas to choose from for your dressing area, you can also have custom designed hanging space and furniture, units and furniture with display cases for your jewelry. Shoe display, shelves for seasonal items, hats, handbags and belts. His and hers storage ideas to please every taste.

Flexi Wardrobes Perth will design your robes to reflect your own unique style personality.

Contact Flexi today on (08) 9301 4200 and find out why West Australians keep coming back to Flexi



September 23, 2016