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Overstuffed Wardrobe Solutions

Do you dream of the perfect wardrobe solutions? Are you constantly going through your clothes, deciding what to give to charity, because you cannot squeeze anything else in there?

Most of us have lots of clothes that we still need or hope we will wear again one day, so why give them away just because your wardrobes are too unorganised? If this sounds like you and you are not ready to part with any of your clothes and shoes just yet, then you need to think about wardrobe solutions  and a design that work for you.

Easy Wardrobe Solutions

The easiest solutions for wardrobes is to start with emptying out your robes at home. So first of all, remove all of your belongings from your wardrobes and make sure that you really do want to keep everything. This is important, because whatever you decide to give away or throw out will free up some valuable real estate in your closet.

Once you are left with the clothes you want to keep, make sure that you don’t have anything else in your wardrobes that really should be housed elsewhere. The one trick that will save you money when you are looking for storage in wardrobes is to only store your clothes, shoes and accessories in your wardrobes. So find a new storage area for your old photo albums, sports bags or boxes of old toys.

The next step is to consider whether you have enough of the right type of space in your wardrobes. For example, is the hanging rail at the right height for your clothes, do you need shelving in your wardrobes and can you fit hooks or rails on the inside of the doors to organise your accessories?

With the right wardrobes you might be able to toss out that old chest of drawers and free up some valuable space in your bedroom. On the other hand, if your wardrobes are filled with clothes that could be better stored in a lovely chest of drawers, then this will free up lots of hanging space in your wardrobes.

Even when you have limited space in your bedroom and don’t have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, the specialists at Flexi Wardrobes can come up with a number of wonderful products that will suit your needs.

All of our wardrobes are custom made for our clients, so if you need a few racks for hanging ties, belts and handbags, we can include these into your new wardrobes.  Your life will become so much easier when your wardrobe problems have been fixed and you can open the door on a beautifully organised space every morning.

So if your life would benefit from our professional wardrobe solutions, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

June 6, 2016