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It is not a new thing that wardrobes just don’t seem big enough to hold all our clothes. If the wardrobe doors are hard to close because the robes are over filled with clothing and all sorts of other things, it is time to think about a permanent storage solution.

Get More Space In Your Wardrobes

It is time to empty out your robes. Throw everything onto your bed.

Make sure there is nothing left in your robes. Now after you give it a vacuum and pop in a little lavender sachet, start to place your clothes into three piles.

One pile is for keeping, one for giving to charity and the other is rags.

This is quite a tricky process because often you may choose to keep an item because it is a little too small and you hope to lose weight one day and wear it again. Well it could be a better idea to get it altered by a dressmaker while it is still in fashion or give it to charity.

Once you have your three piles, immediately bag up the clothes that are going to charity so you cannot see them, this will avoid the risk of you reclaiming some of them.

Now you can start to put away your clothes that need hanging and shelve your folded items. You may find something that still has a price tag on that you forgot you had.

This is the right time to have a good look and determine whether or not you have enough space.

If not then you need to look at other wardrobe options in Perth.

Flexi Wardrobes Perth Come To You

We come to you. Yes that’s correct. Exceptional customer service is integral to our business. That is why we take the time to come to you in your home where we will discuss your storage needs while you are in the area itself.

This makes it easier to remember all the things that you need to include as they are right there

We take the time to understand your needs without disruption and accurately measure the robe space for you.

Our team will illustrate robes and door solutions that could resolve your most difficult challenges and create a 3D computer model of your new wardrobe design on the spot. We will provide you with an instant quote for shelving, sliding or hinged doors, robes for smaller areas or spacious walk-in robes.

Flexi gives the best quotes for robe solutions that W.A has to offer. Contact us today on (08) 9301 4200 and find out how we can transform your robes into a beautifully functional space.

December 20, 2016