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Modern Wardrobes

They don’t make wardrobes like they used to – thank goodness! Do you remember the old single rail wardrobes with a shelf above? Don’t tell me you still have one of those wardrobes? Well, how is that going for you?

Those old style wardrobes just were not designed for today’s living, because twenty years ago we only had our Sunday best and our work clothes. I mean those old wardrobes were designed for two people – can you imagine that!

That’s why our custom built wardrobes are so popular, because we design and create wardrobes with our client’s needs in mind. We have three different design categories of wardrobes in Perth, depending on your wardrobe storage needs, your space and your budget – the Essentials, the Designer and the Platinum.

The Essentials Wardrobes in Perth

This is our basic custom design model and is a great wardrobe for home owners on a limited budget or with a small storage space. At this level you still have a high quality, custom designed wardrobe with good finishes and lots of storage space. You can mix and match your wardrobe hanging space with shoe racks, draws, storage shelves, sliding doors , hinged  doors  and so much more.

The Designer Wardrobes in Perth

Our intermediate level custom home wardrobes are where we start introducing walk in wardrobes – the ultimate in wardrobe storage self-indulgence. As you can imagine, you have a lot more scope at this level and can add so many more wardrobe options to your dressing space. Choices of sliding doors, non sliding doors. This is a good level to be at, but if you don’t have the space for a walk in wardrobe, then you can still have the higher quality custom wardrobe cabinetry and sliding the Essentials home wardrobe and wardrobe doors option (so you won’t miss out).

The Platinum Wardrobes in Perth

Obviously, this is the top of the range walk in wardrobe solution, where the sky is the limit and you can chose whatever wardrobe, wardrobe doors, finishes and wardrobe layout you desire. At this level your walk in wardrobe will be a sanctuary where you can lose yourself for an endless amount of time in the comfort of your bedroom space.

Even though we have three different options for wardrobes in Perth, this is meant more of a guide to you, than any hard and fast rules. What happens is that we come to your home, measure your wardrobe space and then talk about what you want from your wardrobes, doors, the practicalities and functionality.

Quality Wardrobes and Finishes

Let’s chat about wardrobes and finishes. Then you decide on a budget for your wardrobe makeover. Many of our clients don’t have the room for a walk in robe, but want high end cabinetry and finishes – this is our most frequent request.

So if you are still squeezing your clothes into an old wardrobe that was designed twenty years ago for two people, contact Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will have your wardrobe problems fixed in no time at all.

November 20, 2015