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Are Walk In Wardrobes As Important As Ensuites?

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Are you deciding between a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite? Maybe you are building a new  home or renovating your current home and you are looking at plans for your bedroom?

Well, hopefully you have enough space to include both a decent sized ensuite and a walkin wardrobe, because it would be a real shame to deprive yourself of the luxuries of a walkin wardrobe in your home.

Even if you are short on wardrobe space, it is really worth your while to jiggle your plans and shave off enough space to include a walkin wardrobe in your bedroom, as well as a good sized ensuite. Most people don’t give much thought to a walkin wardrobe, putting all of their energy into designing the perfect ensuite, but that means you have to cram all of your clothes into those small generic wardrobes that come with most new homes.

3 Benefits Of A Walk In Wardrobe

If you take the time to fit in a walkin wardrobe you will be so pleased with yourself, later down the track. It is so much easier to fit one of these walkin wardrobes into your home when you are at the building or renovating stage, but you can still add the walk in wardrobe later on when you realise that your old style wardrobe isn’t working for you. However it is much easier and cheaper to add your wardrobe ate the start of the build.

Of course if you have the wardrobe space, then we can also design a fabulous walkin robe to fit your spare room, but most people just have enough wardrobe space to give themselves some breathing room. Smart wardrobe planning can see less bulky furniture in the bedroom, giving a wonderful sense of space. Wardrobes with shelving and draws take away the need for bulky chests of draws in the bedroom, allowing room for a student desk and bookcase.

 Benefits Of A walk in wardrobe:

  1. Lots Of Wardrobe Hanging Space: Instead of cramming all of your dresses, shirts, skirts and trousers on wardrobe hangers, giving you no space to actually see what you have in your wardrobe , a walk in wardrobe robe has plenty of hanging space. The walk in wardrobe lets you easily see all of your clothes at a glance, making choosing your clothes so much easier in the morning.
  2. Plenty Of Shelves And Drawers: There will be places in the walk in wardrobe for all of your folding clothes and your thick winter jumpers, so you can pick out what you want in a rush without pouring through drawers on the other side of the room.
  3. Oodles Of Shoe Racks: It goes without saying that we all need more wardrobe space for our shoes and when they are in a jumble on the wardrobe floor, we have to rummage around to find a matching pair. So why not have lots of shoe racks in your walk in wardrobe and make your life a lot easier?

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March 24, 2016