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Wardrobes In Perth For Teenagers

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Keeping It Simple With Wardrobes Perth

When the kids have outgrown their wardrobe spaces at home and their rooms are looking more cluttered everyday, wardrobe solutions for teenagers don’t have to be difficult. Wardrobes can be very simple and effective.

The best home wardrobe storage solutions do not help if teenagers are not that tidy with their wardrobes. If they have a plain rail and shelf style wardrobe they are forced to keep the wardrobe reasonably tidy otherwise  the wardrobe doors would not close.

If your teenagers have outgrown their wardrobes consider revamping their rooms with a custom design wardrobe storage makeover.

Types of Wardrobes In Perth

We have three different wardrobe solution products, depending on your wardrobe budget and the available wardrobe storage space – our Essentials Wardrobe, Designer Wardrobe and our Platinum Wardrobes and wardrobe doors range.

1. Flexi Essentials Wardrobes

These products are great for teenagers who need a mix of wardrobe hanging space, wardrobe draws and shelves for all of their clothes and accessories. Your teenager will have wardrobe storage for everything and no excuses not to clear up all of their clutter.

2. Flexi Designer walk-in Wardrobes

These custom wardrobes are for teenagers who have the extra space in their room for walk-in wardrobes which is awesome for parents. Your teenager can store everything in their wardrobes behind closed doors and hiding their clutter. We can design any mix of shelves, draws, hanging spaces or any other type of storage solutions for wardrobes in your home that you need.

3. Flexi Platinum Walk-in robes

Top of the range wardrobes,  awesome walk-in wardrobes and doors where you have an unlimited array of cabinetry products and storage solutions available.

The difference between our Designer Wardrobes and Platinum Wardrobes ranges is in the cost with the higher end finishes being available in the Platinum products range.

Mix N Match

At Flexi Wardrobes , we can mix and match any of these wardrobe styles. Our most popular request is for the Essentials range with higher end finishes – mainly due to limited space in the teenager’s bedrooms.

Flexi Wardrobe & Study Station

All of our wardrobe solutions, include a free home visit service so that our master craftsmen can design the perfect storage solution for your teenager.

We can  design storage for shoes, boots, handbags, motorbike helmets and sportswear – all in the one walk-in robe.

We can easily include a small study space with power outlet for computers, phones etc in the walk-in robe. We can design the perfect solution for your teenager’s storage needs at home.

Contact us at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth for all your teenage wardrobe storage solutions – on 08 9301 4200 or contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

October 13, 2016