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Say Goodbye To The Old Hanging Rail And Shelf, With Custom Made Wardrobes

Take a look at custom made wardrobes and then you will understand why the old fashioned wardrobes which have a hanging rail and shelf are just not practical in any home.

The fact is, those obsolete hanging rails and shelf in built in robes, do nothing to store a reasonable amount of clothing in an organised way.

We all wear clothing of various lengths and weights, we all wear underwear, sleepwear and footwear!. If you wear it, you need to store it a suitable, easy to find manner. It is very frustrating and time consuming in the morning, when you are rummaging through endless clothes which are doubled up on coat hangers, and then when you do find the top you were looking for to go with your work skirt, oh dear, it is badly crumpled and needs ironing again which is more time wasted, in fact you could be spending that time straightening your hair or putting on make-up.

Flexi Custom Made Wardrobes

Flexi have been crafting beautiful custom built wardrobes for many years and they are well known for their clever wardrobe system designs.

The smart design is the key to a functional and practical wardrobe storage system, and when you cap that off with high end finishes and fittings, you will have the perfect storage solution for years to come.

You can have your very own personal custom made wardrobe system in your bedroom, designed to make your life easier with simple and effective storage solutions.

Can you imagine opening the door to your wardrobe and seeing all your clothes beautifully displayed and set out, with dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers and gowns, all hanging separately and freshly laundered.

Then there is the convenience of shoe racks, drawers for delicates, hooks for hats, bags and scarves, and something extra special, a secret lockable chamber, for your precious jewellery and private things.

These are all realistic options when you have custom made wardrobes from Flexi in perth, WA.

If you are serious about getting more out of your mornings, then pick up the phone and contact the team at Flexi Wardrobes to arrange a free home consultation, where your current wardrobe space will be accurately measured and together with your input as to what it is that you need in an ideal robe, the experts will be able to present you with awesome custom design ideas to meet your specific needs.

All of their professional staff are experienced in designing, building and fitting beautiful custom wardrobes.

From the very first call, to the moment they close the door after your installation is complete, they are committed to delivering the best customer service and attention to detail.

Contact Flexi now to make your appointment on (08) 9301 4200.

What To Do When Your Partner Moves In And Needs To Share Your Wardrobe

In all the excitement and anticipation of your new life together with your partner, something that needs to be considered is where are you going to put their stuff!

Yes, their stuff and it is not just about their collection of books, photos and memorabilia, it is their clothing!

You have most likely got your wardrobe sorted out to suit your needs perfectly and without an inch to spare, so where on earth are you going to put their clothes?

Even if you are happy to squeeze up your clothing to accommodate your partner’s clothes, you will most likely need to take some of yours out.

It seems a terrible shame if you need to start culling your clothing just because you do not have enough room in the standard wardrobe space you have in your bedroom. Some very clever wardrobe design and use of available space will create a wealth of storage in your bedroom.

The fact is that most standard wardrobes have the basic hanging rail and a top shelf, which has proven to be completely unsatisfactory.

Have you ever been inside a caravan and noticed how much storage there is in such a small area?

This is because every single area has been used to optimise the entire area for storage.

This scenario can be applied to your bedroom at home, using all space available to solve storage challenges.

Instead of wasting money on purchasing free standing robes or shelving units, your money would be more wisely spent on custom built solutions in your bedroom.

Custom Made Wardrobes Will Keep Life Rosy In The Bedroom

Custom made and fitted wardrobes are an excellent way to get your bedroom working for you and the time to address this is right now.

Here at Flexi Wardrobes, our talented and very experienced wardrobe design team are able to look at your bedroom and gauge where you will gain extra storage space from.

They will take into account just how much height you have in your bedroom as well as the furniture you have in the room. You will be surprised at what can be achieved by our design experts without the need to knockout walls to increase bedroom floor space.

Our team will optimise the space you already have, by custom designing and installing your amazing new master bedroom storage for two.

By combining your dreams with our experience, comprehensive knowledge and extensive range of fixtures and fittings, we then create a 3D computer model of your wardrobes, bringing your vision to life.

Because we do all this in your home, at no cost to you, you are easily able to visualise your new wardrobes before they are even installed. Adjustments, alterations or additions can then be made on the screen until you are entirely satisfied with the result and confident of the outcome.

Make your appointment today (08) 9301 4200.

Custom Made Wardrobes For Those Who Expect The Best

Now that you realise that you are better served choosing custom made wardrobes to meet your clothing storage challenges, you will need to do your homework to make sure that you get exactly what you need and want.

If you are looking for premium quality, custom made wardrobes designed to store your clothing and accessories in a manner that allows you to easily see and find what you need to wear, then a Platinum wardrobe system from Flexi is the perfect choice.

Flexi Platinum Custom Made Wardrobes

Here at Flexi Wardrobes in WA, we understand that everyone has quite different needs in a wardrobe, with the various work roles, leisure activities, hobbies and social events that form part of their lifestyles.

Each person has their own unique requirements for storing their clothing, accessories and personal items in.

The stock standard robes commonly found in new homes today, do not address the need for hanging various lengths of garments, reachable shelving, ample space for shoes and personal drawers that can be locked to keep valuable jewellery secure.

Our experienced custom design team understand that everyone has unique needs, and therefore each system is built to meet those needs.

Our designers are experienced in creating custom wardrobes that :

  • Allow adequate room for seasonal items i.e. winter coats or summer dresses
  • Include tall areas within your wardrobes for the hanging of long ball gowns or suits, 3/4 hanging for pants, long skirts or shorter dresses, half hanging for shirts and blouses
  • Have dedicated space for sporting gear
  • Include separate shared space if needed
  • Create solutions for minor bedrooms, children’s rooms and guest rooms
  • Display and protect your shoes, bags, ties, belts, scarves and sunglasses with unique built in solutions
  • Make the best use of space with the flexibility of adjustable shelving and built in storage solutions
  • Incorporate drawers and locked areas to secure your jewellery and valuables within your wardrobes

You can add your own extra touches as well if you choose to have a dressing area with mirrors, lighting and seating .

These ideas are just an example of what can be done to create your dream wardrobe system, so whether you want a classic walk in robe or a designer “Hollywood Housewife” wardrobe with all the bells and whistles, we can create it.

Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe doors for walk in robes are something to consider.

It would seem that the idea to have a door on a walk in robe is not necessary as most new homes built today do not have doors on walk in robes, in fact they are an extra cost if added to the original floor plan.

Beautifully designed robes often gracefully combine areas of open plan, and screened or closed areas. The fact is that by adding doors to your walk in robes, the whole bedroom will looked complete and your belongings will be out of site and secure from anyone who may wander in.

When it comes to choosing the right doors, it is important to consider the final look that will complement the rest of the bedroom decor.

Here at Flexi we have an extensive range of robe doors that can be fitted in a number of different ways to ensure that right storage solution for your walk in robe needs.

Our experienced team of designers are here to advise you on the pros and cons of each door for your particular style.

Contact us today (08) 9301 4200 and find out how we can create the wardrobe of your dreams.