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Wardrobe Solutions For Perth Students

The team at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth, have been custom designing wardrobe solutions for their many customers in WA for nearly 20 years.

One notable point of difference with the team from Flexi is their outstanding customer service and excellence in product manufacture.

The design team at Flexi wardrobes understand that not all wardrobe storage requirements are the same, what mum and dad might need will be far different to that of the children.

From infants, toddlers and terrors, right through to the teens, wardrobe storage needs will vary and therefore, the perfect wardrobe system would be a design that is flexible and can be easily reconfigured as the child grows.

So if you have kids at home, you will need a durable, flexible wardrobe storage solution for all their various clothing and school uniform requirements for the years to come.

For the older students in your home who need more privacy in their bedrooms, a well planned wardrobe design can offer an excellent, innovative option where a compact study nook can be incorporated into the wardrobe design, providing a work top, drawer, shelving, lighting and power outlet.

Whether enjoying some down time with friends on the phone, watching a movie on the ipad or researching online for a school project, students need to have a designated place where they can avoid interuption from the rest of the household.

This custom wardrobe feature is very practical and provides the student with much needed quiet study area.

Wardrobe Fundamentals For Younger Kids.

With the younger ones now starting to get a little older, their wardrobe could be starting to look quite messy as they choose their own clothes to wear in the mornings.

A simple but practical custom wardrobe design will provide easy acces to shelves and hanging rails for the young children who will be able to select their own clothing each day.

With designated drawers for underwear, socks, nightwear and so forth, the youngsters will become more independant and capable as they learn how to get themselves ready in the mornings.

Some of the most common pests to invade children’s bedrooms are the dreaded, ever evolving furry creature that once resembled a cheese sandwhich, or the sticky green things that become imbedded into the lining of the back pack side pockets, the crumpled notes that refer to the latest school news updates or an important project that needs to be handed in today!

It is good practice for the kids to unpack their school bag after they arrive home from school, before it goes into their bedroom.

Lunch boxes need to be removed from schoolbags and placed near the kitchen sink, while any notices for the parent’s attention should be placed in a nominated spot, (usually kitchen bench, kitchen fridge door or dining table) to be easily spotted by the ever vigilant parent.

It is worth noting that, if not checked regularly, the school bag itself can easily become a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty surprises.

For more information on wardrobe solutions and innovative storage ideas for the students in your home, contact the team at Flexi on 08) 9301 4200 and find out what makes Flexi customers keep coming back for their next project.

The Ultimate Wardrobe Solutions In Perth

Discerning customers who are looking for high quality, custom built wardrobes in Perth, will choose Flexi Wardrobes Perth, for several excellent reasons.

Flexi Wardrobes in Perth have an outstanding reputation for excellence in premium quality wardrobes, wardrobe doors and wardrobe fittings as well as the exceptional service they provide to all their customers before, during the process and after sales.

Each and every wardrobe storage system is manufactured to the highest standard for each individual client.

The secret is the fact that the team from Flexi actually come to your home, look at the space intended to become your new robes and then listen carefully to what you want and need in wardrobe storage.

By sitting with you and determining what you actually do need in a practical but beautiful wardrobe solution, the wardrobe design team can offer many innovative ideas to give you exactly what you want, and in a timely manner as well.

The Flexi Reputation For Awesome Wardrobe Design

Another reason people prefer to choose Flexi to create their wardrobe storage systems is the simple fact that Flexi have an outstanding reputation for designing, building and installing beautifully functional wardrobes for the people of Perth since 2001.

Their vision is to be the most respected name in the renovation industry and to exceed your expectations by providing an unrivalled home renovation experience.

The team at Flexi value their customers and dedicate time to listen, provide suggestions and guidance and ensure that all of your needs are addressed through innovative and beautiful wardrobe design.

All wardrobes in Perth homes are custom made for each client, and with the exact measurements, your wardrobes in your home will fit correctly with no adjustments needed.

Understanding the amount of available storage space and what your storage needs are, is the key to getting your custom wardrobe storage perfect for your needs including:

  • The way you plan to use your dream wardrobe
  • The desire to create a his and hers space within the robes
  • The number of people who will be using the robes at the same time
  • The type of items to be stored
  • The best location for the storage of items
  • The way the custom wardrobes will fit in the overall room or house design
  • The feel you want from your robes and the surrounding space

At Flexi Wardrobes, the quotes are the best in WA, so why hesitate, contact Flexi Wardrobes today on 08 9301 4200.

Flexi Wardrobe Solutions In Perth

When discerning customers are looking for well made wardrobe solutions in Perth, they will choose Flexi Wardrobes.

Flexi Wardrobes in Perth have an outstanding reputation for excellence in their premium quality wardrobes, wardrobe doors and wardrobe fittings as well as the exceptional service they provide to all of their customers.

Their team take pride in innovative design and manufacture of each and every wardrobe storage system for each of their customers.

With their customer service rated second to none, the team at Flexi manufacture and install wonderful handcrafted wardrobes in Perth homes.

Exceptional customer service is integral to the success of their business and they will always take the time to talk to you and discuss your particular wardrobe design and storage needs.

What To Expect From Flexi Wardrobe Solutions

There are some very good reasons that we enjoy the reputation of creating the very finest quality wardrobes and wardrobe doors in Perth, WA.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Members of the team will to come to your home and chat to you about your requirements and ideas for your new wardrobe storage and accurately measure the available space available.
  • Each wardrobe is custom made for each customer, and with the exact measurements, your wardrobes in your home will fit correctly with no adjustments needed.
  • They will discuss what you need from your wardrobes, your wardrobe design and your particular storage needs.
  • The team will offer you various innovative design ideas to solve any storage challenges you may have.
  • They can can provide unique spaces for hanging ties, scarves and handbags.
  • Flexi specialise in perfectly fitting drawers and shelving, as well as clever storage spaces for your shoes.
  • If you need a lockable jewellery drawer, or a safe for valuable items, this can all be included to create the most beautiful and functional wardrobe of your dreams.
  • Flexi have a vast selection of wardrobe doors to choose from as well, which will fit seamlessly into your current décor.
  • Flexi offer both walk-in robes and regular built-in wardrobes, no matter your design needs, they can create the perfect robes for you.
  • You will be provided with a free quote on the spot in your home.

At Flexi Wardrobes all quotes are the best in WA, so if your wardrobes need revamping, contact Flexi Wardrobes in Perth, WA on 08 9301 4200.

What Is The Point Of Difference With Flexi Wardrobe Solutions?

How do some wardrobe solutions differ from the run of the mill standard wardrobe designs from years gone past? Some people may think that wardrobes are wardrobes with not much to tell them apart.

That is no longer the case, with the trend for needing more and more clothing options growing at a steady pace, most of us need a substantial storage solution for our clothing and accessories.

Flexi Wardrobes are a prime example of substantial wardrobe storage solutions, with innovative ideas and clever designs that can transform your over crowded robes into organised storage for your clothing.

The team at Flexi have years of experience designing and creating the perfect wardrobe systems for their satisfied customers throughout Perth and Western Australia.

With the ability to create a unique solution for various room sizes, existing built in robes or to create an awesome dressing room with Hollywood style wardrobe storage for clothing and accessories, there will always be a clever storage solution for the task at hand.

When Quality Counts, You can Count On Flexi

The design team and crafts people at Flexi are among the finest in Australia and continue to produce premium quality wardrobe and storage systems for their many satisfied customers in Perth and Western Australia.

Wardrobe design is a very personal thing. Your wardrobes need to suit your individual storage needs. The professional team at Flexi has more than 60 years combined experience in designing wardrobes.

They will listen to your needs and make suggestions for solutions unique to you. No two robes are ever the same.

The industry experienced designers at Flexi will help you to create wardrobes that suit your lifestyle and storage needs, combining practical function and style.

Walk In Wardrobes

A walk in robe can combine open spaces with closed areas. You can incorporate doors, drawers and screened areas in amongst a more open plan space.

Custom Wardrobes

Customised wardrobes – personal details that make the difference in built in robes, whether extra hanging space, lockable drawers for personal items or valuable jewellery, mirrors with lighting, shoe racks, handbag display or scarf racks.

There are so many practical ideas that can be utilised in a custom designed wardrobe system which will enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home.

Stand out from the crowd and choose Flexi to custom design and build your new robes for your home.

Speak to their designers about your unique needs and find out how Flexi can help create your custom robes so that they deliver everything you need.