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Practical Wardrobe Solutions For A Studio Apartment In Perth

The team at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth are really amazing when it comes to creating wardrobe storage solutions in the tiniest of homes.

If you are living in a small apartment, studio or granny flat, there is no need to have most of your belongings stored in boxes when Flexi furniture designers can create innovative storage options that will not only be practical but will look beautiful as well.

A studio apartment is a very small space for anyone to live on a permanent basis, however with the help of creative ideas and the smart use of all available floor and wall space, you will be impressed at how organised and comfortable it can be.

Flexi Wardrobe Solutions

A great place to start is with a full wall of contemporary built-ins for additional storage. Built-ins maximize storage while looking like they’re not even there. Floor to ceiling wardrobes are an ideal solution for plenty of extra storage for many other things apart from clothing and accessories.

Clever wardrobe design can provide extra shelving and storage for your linen, unopened panty items, electrical appliances and other bulky kitchen appliances while not being used.

You can easily use one half of your wardrobe space for clothing, another section as linen cupboard and another section for pantry.

The built in wardrobe can be designed to compliment the cabinetry of the kitchenette, creating an overall complete practical, fresh and modern look to what was once a teeny weeny boring space.

Thinking Up!

Having a raised bed in a corner against the wall is another way to maximise space and create a cosy ambience in the sleeping area, while utilising plenty of extra storage under the bed ( the higher the bed, the more storage you get!)

If you are happy to have a few steps up to your loft bed, you can then have a great desk area underneath your bed….this is another practical option if need a working or study area large enough to accomodate computer, files and stationery storage.

Positioning a mirror to reflect the light of a window is a good way to up the natural light in your space.

The easiest way to incorporate a big mirror to your space is to ind a body-length mirror and lean it up against the wall, and then you do not have to drill holes into the wall.

For more innovative ideas on how to optimise the space in a tiny space, contact the team at Flexi and find out how easy it is to turn your ideas into reality.

Ideas For Long Term Wardrobe Solutions

For those of us who have far more clothes than space in our bedroom wardrobes at home, it is time to give some serious thought to long term wardrobe storage solutions to your wardrobe storage space shortage.

Our clothes are doubled up on coat hangers squashed inside the wardrobe, hiding some items we have forgotten we have. The bottoms of our wardrobes are usually stacked up with our shoes and of course some of the clothes that have fallen off the coat hangers and hiding in the dark corners of our over stuffed wardrobes.

Are you able to close your bedroom wardrobe doors? If you can not close your wardrobe doors and drawers then you really do need bedroom wardrobe storage solutions. Contact the wardrobe storage solution experts in WA and they will come to you to provide their free measure and quote service. This service includes measuring the space in your bedroom that will be your new wardrobe storage dream.

The service also includes advice from our experts about our range of wardrobe storage solutions, wardrobe design options, matching wardrobe doors, walk in wardrobe storage solutions with or without matching doors. Flexi wardrobe solutions also have an extensive range of wardrobe door accessories for all your wardrobe storage solutions including door knobs, door handles, wardrobe draw knobs and wardrobe draw handles.

[h2] Wardrobe Solutions

Yes, we can go and buy ourselves one of those free standing clothes hanging racks and find a spot in your bedroom to put it, that will help but it doesn’t look great, takes up bedroom space and it really does not hold anywhere near enough hanging clothes, let alone the storage space needed for the smaller items such as shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, underwear and lingerie.

What you need is long term wardrobe storage solutions.

Wardrobe Storage Solutions in Perth

You have several choices when it comes to long term wardrobe storage solutions in Perth.

Flexi Wardrobes and wardrobe doors are by far the best when it comes to wardrobe storage space, matching doors design and the quality finish of all their wardrobe storage second to none in Australia and will complete installation of your wardrobe storage solution on time and as expected. No nasty surprises with the team from Flexi. An excellent wardrobe product installation completed on time at an affordable and competitive price.

The Essentials

Your beautifully functional wardrobe.

A well designed wardrobe creates a functional space, a wardrobe storage space which you can store and display your belongings. An organized space where you can see and select the things you need.

The design of your wardrobe will be influenced by:

  • The amount of clothes and accessories to be stored within the wardrobe
  • How you wish to store your items, be it hanging, folded on wardrobe shelves or hidden in wardrobe draws

Designer Walk in Wardrobes

The luxury of a walk in wardrobe gives you open spaces with closed areas.  You can include wardrobe doors, wardrobe drawers and screened areas in amongst a more open plan space.  Walk in wardrobes are seen as the more spacious of robes and therefore a better wardrobe solution.

However, the best wardrobe solution may actually be a combination of walk in areas and more traditional, closed off wardrobes or sections.

Your walk in wardrobe design is a very personal thing.  It needs to suit your individual wardrobe storage needs.  Flexi’s professional wardrobe team has more than 60 years combined experience in designing and creating walk in wardrobe solutions.

Custom Wardrobes

Custom wardrobes – it is the details that make the difference

Flexi, customers get the very best service at all times.  Flexi take the time to sit with you in your own home and work with you to plan out your dream wardrobe.

Choosing Flexi to design and build your custom wardrobes is choosing to stand out from the crowd.  Flexi has an enviable selection of designer wardrobe handles to enhance your design and an extensive range of wardrobe colours, available in a matt or gloss finish, ensure that your custom wardrobe is a reflection of your own unique style, built to perfection.

Speak to our wardrobe designers about your unique needs and find out how they can help create your custom wardrobes so that they deliver everything you need.

Contact Flexi today on (08) 9301 4200 and find out why West Australians keep coming back to Flexi.


Perfect Wardrobe Solutions For Today’s Shoppers

Let’s face it, most of us love a good deal, especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. The problem is that sooner or later we need to find some serious wardrobe solutions at home , because we can’t find anything we want in our current robes.

When we go shopping, we never think about whether or not this new dress, sweater, jacket or pair of shoes is going to fit in our closets, this is the very last thing that would enter our minds. So when we arrive home and try and jam everything into our wardrobes, this is the time we realise that we need to think about new wardrobe solutions.

All of the best wardrobe storage ideas begin with taking a good, long, hard look at what you actually have in your wardrobe and deciding whether or not you can free up any more space.

Storing Items Elsewhere: Too many of us use our closets to store items that won’t fit anywhere else or we just have no idea where to put them. So if you have these sort of items in your wardrobes, pull them all out and make it your mission to rehouse them elsewhere. This might free up enough space for you, so you don’t need to worry about any other storage ideas at all.

Giving To Charity: If relocating items has not solved your problem, then look at all of the clothes, shoes and accessories in your wardrobe and make a pile of items that you can give away to charity. If you have not worn something in more than a year, does it really need to be taking up valuable space in your wardrobe? Some of the simplest ideas involve giving away clothes that no longer fit you or that you don’t particularly like anymore.

Throwing Away Items: If clothes are beyond repair or you can’t be bothered to repair them, then throw them out. Likewise with shoes that have seen better days, old belts and other accessories that have gone out of fashion. We all tend to hoard old clothes in our wardrobes, items that we will never wear again, but are not good enough to give away to charity. This is one of the best wardrobe solutions for finding extra space, but it is not an excuse to go out and do more shopping!

You Still Need More Space: If you have done all of the above and you still need more space, then it is time to call in the experts at Flexi Wardrobes, because we have a range of wonderful design ideas, products and matching robe doors or you. We can give you a robe that is designed specifically for your needs and keep it within your budget.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with your wardrobes, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Overstuffed Wardrobe Solutions

Do you dream of the perfect wardrobe solutions? Are you constantly going through your clothes, deciding what to give to charity, because you cannot squeeze anything else in there?

Most of us have lots of clothes that we still need or hope we will wear again one day, so why give them away just because your wardrobes are too unorganised? If this sounds like you and you are not ready to part with any of your clothes and shoes just yet, then you need to think about wardrobe solutions  and a design that work for you.

Easy Wardrobe Solutions

The easiest solutions for wardrobes is to start with emptying out your robes at home. So first of all, remove all of your belongings from your wardrobes and make sure that you really do want to keep everything. This is important, because whatever you decide to give away or throw out will free up some valuable real estate in your closet.

Once you are left with the clothes you want to keep, make sure that you don’t have anything else in your wardrobes that really should be housed elsewhere. The one trick that will save you money when you are looking for storage in wardrobes is to only store your clothes, shoes and accessories in your wardrobes. So find a new storage area for your old photo albums, sports bags or boxes of old toys.

The next step is to consider whether you have enough of the right type of space in your wardrobes. For example, is the hanging rail at the right height for your clothes, do you need shelving in your wardrobes and can you fit hooks or rails on the inside of the doors to organise your accessories?

With the right wardrobes you might be able to toss out that old chest of drawers and free up some valuable space in your bedroom. On the other hand, if your wardrobes are filled with clothes that could be better stored in a lovely chest of drawers, then this will free up lots of hanging space in your wardrobes.

Even when you have limited space in your bedroom and don’t have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe, the specialists at Flexi Wardrobes can come up with a number of wonderful products that will suit your needs.

All of our wardrobes are custom made for our clients, so if you need a few racks for hanging ties, belts and handbags, we can include these into your new wardrobes.  Your life will become so much easier when your wardrobe problems have been fixed and you can open the door on a beautifully organised space every morning.

So if your life would benefit from our professional wardrobe solutions, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Wardrobe Solutions For Busy People

Wardrobes For Busy People

Have you ever given much thought to wardrobe storage solutions for your home? Not many people give their wardrobes a second thought, except when they can’t find anything and then they fleetingly wish for larger wardrobe storage at home.

With our busy lives, one of the easiest wardrobe solutions is to use your wardrobe for what it was designed to do – to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. So take back your wardrobes and relocate all of the items that don’t belong in your wardrobes, and find other storage solutions in your home for these items.

The problem is that many of us use our wardrobes as an easy dumping ground for all sorts of items, from tennis rackets to suitcases, gym bags and bowling balls. You will be amazed at how much space you can take back when you remove all of these items from your wardrobes.

Once you have cleared all these extraneous items out your wardrobe, you might find that you now have plenty of room for all of your clothes. If you are still in trouble and your wardrobe is still overflowing, then you need to consider one of our wardrobe solutions.

Regular or walk-in wardrobe solutions

At Flexi Wardrobes we design and build custom made wardrobes that suit your wardrobe space, your lifestyle and your wardrobe budget. We can design a budget conscious regular wardrobe that simply slots into your existing wardrobe space or design you a fabulous walk-in wardrobe, with or without matching wardrobe doors.

Regular wardrobe solutions: Just because you have the same wardrobe space doesn’t mean that a more organised wardrobe won’t help your storage problems. The thing about wardrobes is that it is all about organisation. Given the same amount of space, we can design a wardrobe solution that perfectly suits your needs. An organised wardrobe will make your mornings so much easier, because you can easily see all of your clothes, shoes and accessories and you don’t have to fight your way past other items.

Walk-in wardrobe solutions: If you have the space, then we can design you a wonderful walk-in robe to your exact specifications. You can have as much wardrobe hanging space as you need with plenty of room for your shoes, folding clothes and accessories. You can even have a jewellery drawer, power outlets and a comfortable chair if you have the space. A walk-in wardrobe can be a luxurious sanctuary in your home, where you indulge yourself to your hearts content.

So if you struggle every morning to find the right clothes to wear in your overfull wardrobe or you despair of fitting any more clothes into your wardrobe, it is time you considered one of our tailor made wardrobe solutions.

For information on our customised wardrobe solutions and related products, or to set up an appointment in your home with our designers, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Wardrobe Storage and Modern Wardrobe Solutions

Overcrowded Wardrobes

It is time to start looking for wardrobe solutions when you can no longer close the robe door. I am sure it has happened to you at home, when you find that you have to move something out of the way so the door will close properly.

There is nothing worse than overstuffed robes! How many of your hangers have more than one item on them? You have 3 dresses on one hanger, 4 shirts on another hanger or a shirt on top of a dress and a jacket on top of these as well.

In our busy lives, we don’t have the time to rummage through hangers looking for a shirt we know we have, but can’t see straight away. This is when you need to start thinking about some serious wardrobe solutions in your life.

So let’s take a look at two ways to reorganise your robes, so that they work better for your lifestyle.

Helpful Tips For Wardrobe Solutions

Tip 1 – Remove Anything That Shouldn’t Be In Your Robes

If you are like most other people, over time your robe becomes a repository for too many items that should live elsewhere. For example, people store their gym bags, bowling balls, tennis racquets, Christmas decorations + tree + wrapping paper, old photo albums, pictures, vinyl LPs and so much more in their robes.

Why do we do this? Well, the main reason is that we don’t have anywhere else to store these items, which highlights the easy fix to your problem – find somewhere else to store all of these items.

Once you have pulled out all of the items that shouldn’t be in your robe, take a look at the garage or other areas in your home and set about installing suitable storing spots for these items. Of course, if it is impossible to store these items anywhere else, then you really need to think about wardrobe solutions that can be customised to suit all of these belongings as well as your clothes.

Once you are left with just your clothes, shoes and accessories in your robe, you may well find that you have ample space for everything. It was just all of the other stuff that caused the overflow in your robes.

Tip 2 – Install A Flexi Robe For The Ultimate Fix

If you can’t store all of these extraneous items anywhere else in your home or even when you do, you still don’t have enough space in your current robe, then you need Flexi.

At Flexi Wardrobes we can customise your wardrobes, so that they suit your lifestyle, giving you peace of mind and a clutter free robe space.

To find out how our wardrobes can improve your lifestyle, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

New Year’s Wardrobe Solutions 2016

Cluttered Wardrobes

We seem to have a love hate relationship with our New Year resolutions. We make them and usually break them, but this year why not think about wardrobe storage solutions at home as your New Year’s resolution?

If you are like most people, your wardrobe is a repository of many items, not just your clothes. When you have just the regular wardrobe at home with a single horizontal bar and a wardrobe shelf above, undoubtedly all of your clothes are crammed onto the wardrobe hangers and stuffed up above on the wardrobe shelf. You are very lucky if your wardrobe doors actually close.

Then you have a jumble of shoes on the wardrobe floor underneath your hanging clothes. Without a good wardrobe storage solution, which can organise everything in your wardrobe for you, you most probably have boxes of old clothes, shoes and hats stuffed in there as well.

Not to mention photo albums, boxes of birthday and Christmas cards from your childhood or even your wedding anniversaries. There are plenty of other storage places in the house for your bits and pieces. Isn’t it time you did yourself a favour and focused on sorting out this mess in your wardrobes. Invest in some plastic stacking storage containers for your xmas decorations and slip them into your attic. When you start sorting your wardrobes,ask yourself do you remember when you last used an item. This is the test, be strong and shed  yourself of all that unwanted clothing and wardrobe clutter. If you still cannot fit all your hanging clothes on wardrobe hangers, as well as shoe and accessory storage, then you need to bite the bullet and invest in one of our fabulous wardrobe storage solutions. Not only will you have a fabulous new wardrobe with all the storage solutions you need, but you will increase the value of your property. At Flexi wardrobe storage solutions in Perth we custom build your wardrobe to suit your personal design. We create gorgeous wardrobes and wardrobe doors to suit all budgets. We have an extensive range of wardrobes, matching wardrobe doors and related products. Our wardrobes are not only clever and practical, they are also a design statement. Visit our showrooms and fall in love with our modern wardrobe solutions?

Storage Solutions And Organising Your Wardrobe

When organising your wardrobes the first thing to do is to take everything out of your wardrobe which shouldn’t really be in there. So stack up all of the boxes of shoes, hats, old kid’s toys, photo albums and anything else which isn’t clothing.

Then sort through of these boxes and oddments and decide what you want to keep and what should really go to charity or in the trash. Once you know what you want to keep in your home– store it somewhere else! Not in the wardrobes!

You can find some really great storage solutions fin  the garage, which is a great place to store items that you just want to keep – mainly for their memories. The next step in your New Year wardrobe storage solutions is to move on to your clothes, belts, scarfs and shoes and decide what you want to keep and what should really be recycled or thrown away.

We tend to keep too many clothes that we no longer like or can fit into and these take up valuable space in your wardrobes. So go through all of your remaining belongings and only keep the clothes that you know you will wear.

If they don’t fit, need mending or are really old and outdated, either dispose of them or store them elsewhere – but only keep them if they have lots of memories, otherwise they just take up space elsewhere in your home.

Once you have sorted everything out and put what is left back into your wardrobe, if your wardrobe is still overstuffed and the doors are not closing , then it is time to investigate new wardrobe solutions at Flexi Wardrobes and Doors.

So call us in Perth and let us help you with your New Year wardrobe solutions – on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

The Man Of The House Needs His Own Wardrobes For Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Wardrobes For Guys

Guys always seem to be left out when it comes to wardrobe solutions – they are relegated to the far corner of the wardrobe with one draw, if they are really lucky. So men tend to rummage around in their wardrobe or their single draw for items of clothing, because everything is stuffed into such a small space.

Women on the other hand, still manage to rummage around in their wardrobes, even though they have the lion’s share of the wardrobe hanging spaces. This is where you really need a workable wardrobe storage solution that gives both of you sufficient wardrobe storage space for all of your belongings.

In this day and age, you shouldn’t have to fight for storage space in the wardrobe, not when there are so many great wardrobe storage solutions available at very affordable prices.

3 Reasons Why You Need Flexi Wardrobe Storage Solutions

We create quality wardrobes: Our wardrobes are custom designed by craftsmen and we only use the best quality materials in all of our wardrobe designs. You can chose from the Essentials Wardrobe range, the Designer Wardrobe range or the Platinum wardrobe range. The Essentials comprises our basic models, still high quality, but these are not walk-in wardrobes. The Designer and Platinum ranges are walk-in wardrobes, with the difference between these two ranges being in the cost of the construction materials and the finishes of your walk-in wardrobes.

You can custom design your own spaces: Whatever you need, you can design your own wardrobe solutions with the help of our craftsmen. So if you have a collection of hats or caps, maybe you collect cuff-links or you have 50 pairs of jeans – whatever mix of storage in wardrobes you need, we can design a wardrobe solution that perfectly suits your storage needs.

We do all of the installation: Once we have visited your residence and measured up the space, we can go ahead and manufacture your wardrobes. Then we transport them to your home and do all of the installation ourselves. So you don’t have to lift a finger – you just go to work as usual and when you come home – your custom designed wardrobes are  fully installed.

If you have the room, then a walk-in wardrobes  are the solutions to your storage problems, because you can both have enough space to hang all of your clothes, store all of your shoes and have a mix of shelves and draws to suit all of your belongings and personal items.

If you don’t have the room for a walk-in robe, we can simply customise our Essentials range and give you a more workable wardrobe solutions than you currently have at home.

So if you are ready to flex your muscles and investigate some workable wardrobe solutions for your home – call Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Teenage Wardrobes And Wardrobe Storage Solutions

Simple Wardrobes For Teenagers

If you have children, it’s a fair bet that they have rapidly outgrown their wardrobe spaces at home and their rooms are looking more cluttered as time moves on. Wardrobe solutions for teenagers don’t have to be difficult. Wardrobes can be very simple and effective.

We all know that even with the best home wardrobe storage solutions, teenagers are not that tidy with their wardrobes. However, if they only have an old, out-dated single or double doors wardrobe with one rail and a high shelf – they have no motivation to be tidy.

So if your teenagers have outgrown their wardrobe spaces, why not update their rooms with a wardrobe renovation!

We have three different wardrobe solution products, depending on your wardrobe and wardrobe doors budget and the available wardrobe space – our Essentials, Designer and our Platinum Wardrobes and wardrobe doors range.

Our Essentials wardrobes: These products are for teenagers who only have space for a wardrobe in their room, but need a mix of wardrobe hanging space, draws and shelves for all of their clothes and accessories. Instead of jamming everything into one single space, your teenager will have wardrobe place for everything and no excuses not to clear up all of their clutter.

Our Designer walk-in robes: These wardrobes, wardrobe doors and products are for teenagers who have the extra space for walk-in wardrobes doors and related products which is awesome for parents. This means that your teenager can store just about everything behind closed doors and keep all of their clutter out of sight. They will have a variety of different wardrobe solutions and we can design any mix of shelves, draws, hanging spaces or any other type of storage for wardrobes that is required.

Our Platinum walk-in robes: These are the top of the range wardrobes,  no-holes barred walk-in wardrobes and doors where you have an unlimited array of cabinetry and storage solutions available. The difference between our Designer Wardrobes and Platinum ranges is in the cost with the higher end finishes being available in the Platinum range.

Of course you can mix and match any of these styles and our most popular request is for the Essentials range with higher end finishes – mainly because of limited space in their teenager’s bedrooms.

Don’t forget that all of our wardrobe solutions, regardless of their cost, include a home visit so that our master craftsmen can design the perfect storage solution for your teenager. We can design storage for shoes, boots, handbags, motorbike helmets and sportswear – all in the one walk-in robe.

We have even been asked to include a small study space in a walk-in robe so their teenager can study in peace, away from the noisy household. So whatever your teenager’s storage needs, we can design the perfect solution for your home.

If your teenager has run out of storage in their bedroom, contact us at Flexi Wardrobes in Perth for all your wardrobe solutions – on 08 9301 4200 or contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

Wardrobe Solutions

Wardrobe Solutions

Do you have enough storage room in your wardrobes? Today’s modern wardrobe solutions are great, because they take into consideration that we need more modern wardrobe storage solutions than just a small hanging closet to store our clothes and accessories.

Are you fed up of your old wardrobes at home? Trying to find your favourite shirt or that designer belt amongst a whole host of other belongings in your wardrobes. This can be a serious chore, especially when your wardrobe storage space is too small. That’s the main problem with wardrobes today – they are too small, which leads to disorganisation and clutter.

Sometimes you even dread buying new clothes, because you have nowhere to store them! If this sounds like you, then you need our custom designed wardrobe solutions that will give you all the wardrobe storage solutions you need to store your clothes and belongings.

The Flexi Wardrobes maximise space

We can design home wardrobe storage solutions that perfectly suits your lifestyle and your space. Do you need lots of shelves or drawers for t-shirts, sweaters or hats, maybe lots of belt and tie storage, spaces for all of your shoes or extra room for hanging your trousers or dresses? We can design a wardrobe storage solution that perfectly suits your wardrobe requirements, one that is specific to your needs. We will custom build your wardrobe that is organised and workable.

You won’t need to rummage around in your old wardrobes at home trying to find that one item you wore last year that goes really well with your jeans and you won’t need to jam all of your clothes into a small wardrobe space any longer.

It is all about wardrobe organisation and smart wardrobe design – that is why our custom designed wardrobe solutions will transform the way you live your life. How good will it be to stop re-ironing squashed clothes and find exactly what you need in your wardrobes, because everything is at your fingertips?

The Flexi Wardrobe solutions are customised to your needs

Do you still have those old built-in wardrobes with one long rail hanging below a long shelf? How many times have you had to stand on something to dig around at the back of the wardrobe shelf for last year’s boots or to find the handbag that matches your summer sandals?

Well, you don’t have to put up with these old, unworkable wardrobes any longer. Get your wardrobes solutions sorted. With our customised wardrobe solutions you can add as many drawers, shelves and hanging rails as you need. Obviously, we have to consider the amount of wardrobe space available, but with custom designed wardrobe solutions you can get as close to perfect as possible – even in limited wardrobe spaces.

So if you are fed up of rummaging through your old wardrobe at home and desperately yearn for a workable wardrobe solution, contact Flexi Wardrobes in Perth on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.