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Make A Girl Smile With A Luxurious Walkin Wardrobe

Most women will agree that one of their dreams is to have a large walkin wardrobe with plenty of storage. A robe that is big enough to hang all of their clothing side by side without being crushed and plenty of room to add more!

A large walkin wardrobe is sheer luxury and if you can design your bedroom space to accommodate a walk in robe then you will be in wardrobe heaven! It isn’t as difficult as you might think, because you already have space for a built-in wardrobe. If you also have lots of drawers and a makeup area in your bedroom as well, with a little rejigging you might be able to add a walkin wardrobe and doors. By adding a sliding or hinged door you create another area that you have to store personal items and products that need to be kept out of site.

All of your clothes that are kept in a drawer can be relocated to your walk in wardrobe, as well as your dressing table, this is great for people needing to unclutter the bedroom.

What can you fit into a beautiful, luxurious walk in robe?

  • Hanging clothes: Depending on the amount of storage space you have available in your wardrobe, you can add hanging space for dresses, trousers and coats, as well as two rows of hanging bars for shirts and skirts.
  • Folding clothes: You can have lots of drawers for your fold up clothes or even open shelves if you prefer in your wardrobe.
  • Jewellery and accessories: A drawer dedicated to all of your jewellery, watches and other knick knacks is a wonderful idea. You can even have a tie and belt rack, a shelf for hats and a separate drawer for your special collections.
  • Makeup area: You can have a dressing table, mirror, power points and a comfy chair installed into your walkin robe, so that you can do absolutely everything in your dressing area and away from prying eyes.
  • Shoe racks: We can’t forget shelves or shoe racks for your shoes, which will look fabulous on display. Just imagine how easy it will be to find the right pair of shoes for your outfit when you no longer have to rummage at the bottom of the wardrobe in the dark.
  • Large bulky items: All too often we store large bulky items in our wardrobes, because we don’t have anywhere else to store them. Well, with wonderful walkin wardrobes you can have enough hanging and shelving space to store all of these products as well.

So if you are fed up with an overstuffed robe at home and want to treat yourself to a glorious walkin wardrobe, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will give you a free quote on your new fabulous walk in robe.

5 Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Fabulous Walk In Wardrobe

The Walk In Wardrobe

Who doesn’t want a fabulous walk in wardrobe n their home? Just imagine not having to squash everything into your wardrobe and having enough storage space for absolutely everything!

Of course you need enough space in your home to design and install a walk in wardrobe, but even if you have to jig a few walls around, the extra work will always pay off in the end.

So here are 5 reasons why it might be time to treat yourself to a wonderful walk in wardrobe.

  1. More hanging space: Regular built-in wardrobes are always too small for all of our hangers. We end up crunching everything together, creasing our clothes and doubling up on hangers due to a lack of hanging space. A walk in wardrobe gives you oodles of glorious wardrobe storage space to hang your clothes and you can see everything at a glance.
  2. A dressing room: You can even include a dressing table and draws in your wardrobe, so that you can get ready without being seen by anyone else in the house. Add a comfortable chair, table and a few power points and you can do your hair, makeup and even shave your legs in your dressing room.
  3. Space for shoes: Having enough room to store all of your shoes is one thing, but being able to see all of them arranged on open shelves in your walkin wardrobe is pure heaven. There won’t be any more rummaging in the bottom of your wardrobe to find your shoes, because your walk in wardrobe will have them all clearly on display.
  4. Storage for accessories: You can have drawers for your jewellery, shelves for your hats and hanging space for scarfs and belts in your walk in robe, making your life so much less stressful and far more pleasurable.
  5. Storage for other items: We always have large or bulky items that we just don’t know where to store in our homes. They might be too expensive to store in the garage, so you end up filling your built-in wardrobes with items that take up too much space, simply because you have no other solution. With a well-designed walk in wardrobe, you can include extra storage space specifically for these items. So you can keep your skis and bulky winter wear safe in your wardrobe, as well as other sports gear and cumbersome items.

So if you want the extra space for all of your clothes and you want super organisation, then you have no excuse not to treat yourself to a fabulous walk in wardrobe.

Call the professionals at Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will give you a free quote on your new customised walk in wardrobe.

Do We Undervalue The Humble Walk In Wardrobe?

With most Aussie households suffering from storage problems and struggling to find enough space to keep their homes organised, the humble walk in wardrobe has been greatly undervalued.

This can be one of the smallest spaces in your home, but its value as a place to store so many different items, not just your clothes, shoes and other accessories, can mean the difference between a happy home and a sad, cluttered place.

You might think that this is an exaggeration, but just take a critical eye to your existing robes and see how many items that you have shoved in there, that really don’t belong in there.

Declutter Your Home With A New Walk In Wardrobe

Isn’t it time to take the bull by the horns and reorganise your robes? Isn’t there somewhere else that you can store that old ten pin bowling ball? What about those suitcases that take up a huge amount of room? Do you have boxes of photo albums, old books, records and office files stacked in your closet?

This is where a walk in wardrobe can be such a blessing, because you can easily store all of these items in their own nooks and still have loads of space for your clothes.

You might be surprised at what people actually tuck away in their closets, simply because they have no other storage options. Which doesn’t leave much space for your clothes does it? So you end up with all of your hanging clothes squashed on the rail, your shoes in a jumble on the floor and a load of other stuff that takes up your valuable closet space.

The abuse of our robes means that we need at least one, if not more, chests of drawers in our bedrooms, so we can store all of our fold up clothes and many that should be on hangers as well, because we have run out of space in our robes.

A walkin wardrobe gives you so many different options. You can even keep your exercise bike in there, as well as your yoga mat and other exercise essentials. At Flexi Wardrobes, we can design a walkin robe that suits your exact needs.

This means that if you need a storage area for all of your photo albums, ski clothes (and equipment), golf bags and holiday suitcases, we can create a walk in robe for all of this and more.

With a well organised walk in wardrobe you can throw out that old chest of drawers or even move it into the walk in robe if you want to keep it and give yourself much more space in your bedroom.

So if you want to take back your bedroom, organise your clothes storage and have a wonderful walk in wardrobe, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.



The Beauty And Functionality Of A Walk In Wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe design can solve so many of your wardrobe storage problems, you will wonder how you ever managed for so long with your old wardrobe at home. It is fair to say that as our lives become busier, we need our homes to become more organised and to better reflect our busy lifestyles.

This means that both functionality and aesthetics of your home are priorities, however the bedroom and wardrobes is one of those areas that we tend to forget about, while we focus our efforts on the main entertaining areas of our home.

This is a shame, because in the end, our bedrooms  and wardrobes can become dumping grounds for mismatched and unused furniture, as well as a storage area for bulky items we can’t store anywhere else. Most people agree that our wardrobes end up becoming a repository for odds and ends with no real home, so your cramped wardrobe hanging space is made even smaller and more disorganised.

The Solution Is A Wonderful Walk In Wardrobe

When you have a custom built walk in wardrobe you have an endless supply of wardrobe storage options, as well as the option to place some of the bulkier pieces of furniture from the bedroom into your walk in wardrobe. This will give you a very spacious bedroom, making a hero of the bed and your side tables, rather than being lost amongst a mass of other furniture.

In your new walk in wardrobe you can have floor to ceiling wardrobe shelves, coat hooks, lots of wardrobe hanging space, shoe racks, jewellery drawers, scarf displays and wardrobe drawers for bulky items. It doesn’t matter if your new customised walk in wardrobe is full, because it is so organised that you can find anything at the snap of your fingers.

If you can walk into your fabulous new walkin wardrobe and find that matching scarf, those shoes you wore to the wedding last year or that pair of earrings that matches your new dress immediately, then you know that you have a walk in wardrobe that is perfect!

Don’t forget that you need to have good lighting in your new walk in wardrobe, so you can see yourself in the floor to ceiling mirror. You can also have a comfy chair and stool, as well as a makeup centre with electrical points, so you can style your hair and do your makeup as well.

Then in your bedroom you can match the doors of your walk in wardrobe to your bedroom suite, side tables and your ensuite door, so that everything matches perfectly. There is no end to the creativity you can use when you design your own walk in wardrobe and you will be amazed at how more organised your world will become with a fabulous new wardrobe.

To take back your bedroom and install a beautiful, organised walk in wardrobe, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Are Walk In Wardrobes As Important As Ensuites?

Are you deciding between a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite? Maybe you are building a new  home or renovating your current home and you are looking at plans for your bedroom?

Well, hopefully you have enough space to include both a decent sized ensuite and a walkin wardrobe, because it would be a real shame to deprive yourself of the luxuries of a walkin wardrobe in your home.

Even if you are short on wardrobe space, it is really worth your while to jiggle your plans and shave off enough space to include a walkin wardrobe in your bedroom, as well as a good sized ensuite. Most people don’t give much thought to a walkin wardrobe, putting all of their energy into designing the perfect ensuite, but that means you have to cram all of your clothes into those small generic wardrobes that come with most new homes.

3 Benefits Of A Walk In Wardrobe

If you take the time to fit in a walkin wardrobe you will be so pleased with yourself, later down the track. It is so much easier to fit one of these walkin wardrobes into your home when you are at the building or renovating stage, but you can still add the walk in wardrobe later on when you realise that your old style wardrobe isn’t working for you. However it is much easier and cheaper to add your wardrobe ate the start of the build.

Of course if you have the wardrobe space, then we can also design a fabulous walkin robe to fit your spare room, but most people just have enough wardrobe space to give themselves some breathing room. Smart wardrobe planning can see less bulky furniture in the bedroom, giving a wonderful sense of space. Wardrobes with shelving and draws take away the need for bulky chests of draws in the bedroom, allowing room for a student desk and bookcase.

 Benefits Of A walk in wardrobe:

  1. Lots Of Wardrobe Hanging Space: Instead of cramming all of your dresses, shirts, skirts and trousers on wardrobe hangers, giving you no space to actually see what you have in your wardrobe , a walk in wardrobe robe has plenty of hanging space. The walk in wardrobe lets you easily see all of your clothes at a glance, making choosing your clothes so much easier in the morning.
  2. Plenty Of Shelves And Drawers: There will be places in the walk in wardrobe for all of your folding clothes and your thick winter jumpers, so you can pick out what you want in a rush without pouring through drawers on the other side of the room.
  3. Oodles Of Shoe Racks: It goes without saying that we all need more wardrobe space for our shoes and when they are in a jumble on the wardrobe floor, we have to rummage around to find a matching pair. So why not have lots of shoe racks in your walk in wardrobe and make your life a lot easier?

Don’t miss out on the pleasures of a walk in wardrobe, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form.

Building A Granny Flat? Why Not Add A Walk In Wardrobe?

You might not have considered adding a walk in wardrobe to your new granny flat, but it isn’t a silly idea. You have to admit that a walk in robe would be fabulous in the granny flat, making it even more special and functional.

Isn’t A Walk In Wardrobe Expensive?

Well, the two problems that most people have when they build a granny flat are space and money. So you might be happily surprised to know that a conservative sized walk-in wardrobe won’t break the bank and a walk-in wardrobe won’t take up a lot of space.

A walk in wardrobe can be added as a renovation, but it can easily be included in your building plans and will make a huge difference to the feel and usability of the granny flat. After all, you already have the space set aside in the home for a regular wardrobe with a horizontal wardrobe hanging bar, and space above and below for wardrobe storage.

So why not add a touch more space to the wardrobe  area and include a made to order walkin wardrobe. A walkin wardrobe is a practical wardrobe. A highly organised walk in wardrobe for little added cost. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars creating your dream walk in wardrobe in your home , but with a granny flat walkin wardrobe you just want a practical and well made walkin wardrobe.

Choosing Your Walk In Wardrobe

At Flexi Wardrobes we have 4 different ranges of walkin wardrobes and built in wardrobes, to suit different budgets and all the wardrobes  ( walkin or other ) which are made to order and can be customised to your wardrobe needs. There is no need to worry if you have a tight wardrobe budget, all you need to do is to give us a call and we will come and inspect your walkin wardrobe space at your home or your home building plans.

Once we know what we are working with and your budget, then we can give you a few ideas for your walk in robe and you can then make your final decision.

We even come in and install your walk in wardrobe for you. So if you are renovating your granny flat, call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will come out, measure your space and design the perfect walk in wardrobe for your granny flat.

Building A New Home? Why Not Include A Walk In Wardrobe?

Designing and building your own home is a wonderful experience, because you can have exactly what you want in your new house. So have you considered including a walk in wardrobe in your plans?

At the design stage, a walk in wardrobe is fairly easy to add into your plans, because walk-in wardrobes don’t have to take up much room at all. Of course, you can have a walkin wardrobe that is the size of a small bedroom, but with limited space you can easily add one to your new home.

All it takes is a few changes to your initial house design plans and you will have the perfect solution to your walkin wardrobe storage needs – giving you enough wardrobe space for all of your clothes, which need to be hung up, as well as your fold up clothes, shoes, hats and other accessories.

Walk In Wardrobes Are Essential For Today’s Fast Paced Lifestyle

The last thing you want to happen is to move into your brand new home and find that your wardrobes are not big enough and you have to jam everything in tight to make them fit the wardrobe space.

This means that you now need a chest of drawers for your fold up clothes and that takes up too much space, so your lovely master bedroom is no longer expansive, but is looking very cramped. On top of all this, you can’t find anything in the wardrobe and you even have an overflow in the guest room walkin wardrobe as well.

These problems take a lot of the love away from a newly built home, as you realise that you could have designed your walkin wardrobe spaces more efficiently, given some more thought. So don’t skip over this step and think that the old fashioned wardrobes with one horizontal hanging bar and wasted wardrobe space above and below will do for you – because it won’t.

You need a walkin wardrobe that is fully organised and gives you enough wardrobe space to hang all of your clothes without becoming creased (because they are not jammed in) and space for your fold up clothes, hats, shoes and other accessories.

You might be surprised at how little space you really need for a walk in wardrobe, when the wardrobe space is organised efficiently and there is no wasted space. So if you are ready to build your new home, give some serious thought to a custom designed wardrobe. A custom walkin wardrobe made to order. A walk in wardrobe to solve all of your wardrobe storage problems once and for all.

Call Flexi Wardrobes on 08 9301 4200 or complete our online enquiry form and we will come out, measure your space and design the perfect wardrobe solution for your lifestyle.

Spring Clean Your Walk In Wardrobe

Walk in Wardrobe – In Perth, It doesn’t matter whether you have walk in robes or built in robes with doors. Wardrobes need to be organised. Does your wardrobe currently look like it could appear on an episode of “Hoarders”? Many of us are guilty for hanging onto items in our wardrobes that no longer fit us or are no longer in fashion and before it’s too late, our wardrobes look like the clothing equivalent of the Amazon rainforest! So before you embark on a spree to pick up the latest must haves for the season, it’s probably time you did a bit of spring cleaning in your wardrobe! Sorting wardrobes is a task many people loathe (I mean, you never know when stirrup leggings and bum-bags will come back in fashion!), but it’s a necessity to create essential space in your wardrobes. Not sure where to start in your wardrobes? Here are some tips to help you declutter your wardrobe.

Sorting your walk in wardrobe with a friend

How about inviting a friend over to help with the wardrobes? Maybe you could exchange the favour, your friend may have a wardrobe clutter problem as well. Pour a drink and put on some tunes. No, seriously. Spring cleaning your wardrobes doesn’t have to be a boring task. Invite a friend over, grab a bottle of wine and put on some music that keeps your energy levels high. A glass or two of wine and an honest friend can help you be decisive on discarding items in your wardrobe that you’re unsure about.

Empty your wardrobe!

Empty your wardrobe. Yep, that’s right, all of your wardrobe! Taking everything out of your wardrobes allows you to go through each item separately. Your wardrobe needs to be a vacant space before you start. By emptying your wardrobe you have a a clean slate when it comes to reorganising your wardrobe.

Create categories for your walk in or built in robes

Divide and conquer! Create three categories – items you want to keep, items you want to ditch and items you’re undecided on. Be harsh (this is where the honest friend comes in). If you’re undecided on any items, ask yourself these questions:

Does it fit? We are all guilty of having items in our wardrobes that do not fit, but maybe we might lose weight…….yeah right! Give it to charity and replace ill fitting clothing in your wardrobe  with clothing that does fit.

Scruffy in the wardrobes? Do you have items in your wardrobe that need repairs or alterations? Will they still be in Fashion when you get around to getting them done?

If the item in your wardrobe are damaged or badly stained? Are you actually going to make the effort to get them repaired? if in doubt , get them out!

Are there retail therapy mistakes in your wardrobes? If you went shopping tomorrow, would you buy these items in your wardrobes again?

Does it make you feel confident when you wear it? Are there items in your wardrobes that make you feel uncomfortable? If so give these wardrobe space

Wardrobes needing Reorganisation! When putting items back in your wardrobes, have a system. It may be to group your dresses, jeans, tops, jumpers separately in your wardrobes. It may be to organise by colour or season in your wardrobes. Whatever it is, having a system will make your wardrobe look neater and will save time when hunting for something to wear. invaders  to a friend or donate to charity.

There are times to be a little more cautious with unused items in your wardrobes.Bear in mind though that you if you spent $1,000 on that gorgeous gown for a special event 2 years ago, you probably shouldn’t throw it out. Keep good quality wardrobe staples and expensive occasional wear in your wardrobes as these items generally never go out of fashion.

Now that your wardrobe has had a detox, it should look neat, tidy and have plenty of room for all your new season purchases! If you’ve thrown away boxes and boxes of items and still don’t have enough room for your things in your wardrobes why not call Flexi Built in Wardrobes and doors Perth and speak with one of their experienced Perth designers on how they can maximise the storage space in your built in robes or walk in wardrobe?

How to Create Dream Walk In Wardrobes and Wardrobe doors in Perth

Are you dreaming of a walk in wardrobe that will rival Cher Horowitz’s computerised closet from “Clueless”? Perhaps you’d like to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and “have your money where you can see it, hanging in your closet”?

Flexi Wardrobes Perth can help you plan out your walk in wardrobe and wardrobe doors and ensure you have a timeless wardrobe that all your friends will envy! Here are some expert wardrobe tips from Flexi’s Perth Wardrobes walk in wardrobe designers to help  create your amazing your walk-in wardrobe  and doors for your robes become a reality.

  • Think about who will be using the robes. Designing a walk in wardrobe for one person in Perth can be very different from designing one for a couple so it’s important to determine who the wardrobe is for, and how much space each person will be getting for their belongings.
  • Are you using your walk in wardrobes as storage for other items, such as sports goods or extra bedding? Determine how the space in the wardrobe will be used to ensure that you have adequate storage space for it all. If you have high ceilings, consider adding wardrobe doors above your wardrobe shelving and wardrobe hanging space for additional storage for these items.
  • Think about how many drawers you’re going to need in your wardrobe and where they will be placed. You don’t want drawers right next to a walk way or tucked in the corner as they then become hard to access. Once you’ve decided on where your wardrobe drawers will go, you can design the wardrobes hanging space around the robes location.
  • Work out your wardrobes hanging space. Full hanging is generally required for evening and maxi dresses, three quarter hanging is generally for suits, summer dresses, pants hung at full length, coats and longer jackets and half hanging is suitable for shirts, tops, blouses, skirts and pants hung in half. Working out what clothes you have will assist you in ensuring you have adequate wardrobe hanging spaces at the right height.
  • Try to position your “occasional” garment hanging space (which is commonly the full length handing space) in the corners of wardrobes. They can sometimes be harder to access so it will be less inconvenient if you only have to access this part of your wardrobes once in a while, rather than every day.
  • Don’t forget about your shoes! Many people like the look of angled shoe shelving, to allow for ease of viewing and access in wardrobes. It also adds an elegant touch to the overall look of your walk in wardrobes. Adding doors to your wardrobes shoe display can assist in keeping the dust off your shoes and therefore increasing their longevity. You can also integrate wire baskets in your wardrobes for your flat soled shoes that you don’t want on display.
  • Wardrobe doors. If you don’t like mess or clutter, or if your walk in wardrobes are open to your bedroom, consider adding wardrobe doors. Walk in wardrobes by nature can feel a little messy due to the variety of colours and lack of symmetry but adding doors to the wardrobes can create an aesthetically pleasing look and with such a variety of wardrobe doors available, can be another feature of your walk in wardrobe. Wardrobes with beautiful doors are a feature in any Perth bedroom.
  • Doors for your robes. If you don’t have doors on your walk in wardrobes, think about placing your drawers or mirrored cabinet doors opposite the entry so that it’s the first thing you see as it will help to make your wardrobes feel tidy.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a large walk in wardrobe, island drawers in the middle of the room add extra storage and create a boutique feel. Add a glass top to your island bench to show off your jewellery and add drawers to hold your smaller handbags or clutch purses, belts and accessories. Island benches can also be built with a small seat for a convenient area to put on your shoes.
  • Integrate a laundry hamper. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful walk in wardrobe to showcase your clothing and accessories and then having a pile of dirty clothes in the corner. Having an in-built laundry hamper to match the colour of your wardrobe will provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to those messy clothes.
  • Add some accessories, such as pull out belt racks, ties racks, trouser racks and valet rods. To your robes. These can be a great way to utilise odd spaces in your robes , as well as provide functional solutions to storing your accessories.
  • Don’t forget to think about the lighting your walk in wardrobe. Ensuring you have adequate lighting in front of mirrors, in corners and above drawers in the robes can make all the difference between a beautifully functional wardrobe and a dim nightmare.
  • Engage the services of a professional! In Perth, Flexi’s wardrobe designers have years of experience in designing beautiful walk in wardrobes and can assist you in creating the walk in wardrobe of your dreams. To arrange an appointment with one of Flexi’s Perth experienced wardrobes and wardrobe doors designers, simply call us on 9301 4200 or visit our Joondalup Perth or Myaree Perth showrooms.