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walk in wardrobe
May 24, 2016

With most Aussie households suffering from storage problems and struggling to find enough space to keep their homes organised, the humble walk in wardrobe has been greatly undervalued.

This can be one of the smallest spaces in your home, but its value as a place to store so many different…

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wardrobes Perth
May 17, 2016

At Flexi Wardrobes in Perth, we understand that home renovators have a fixed budget and need to find the best deals for their money. It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating for profit or to give yourself and your family a better lifestyle at home, you want value for…

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walk in wardrobe
May 10, 2016

A walk in wardrobe design can solve so many of your wardrobe storage problems, you will wonder how you ever managed for so long with your old wardrobe at home. It is fair to say that as our lives become busier, we need our homes to become more organised…

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wardrobes perth
May 5, 2016

Do you struggle everyday with your tiny, disorganised wardrobes? The problem is that most wardrobes in Perth are too small and don’t have the organisation design that we need for today’s busy lifestyles.

At some time or another, most home owners become completely disillusioned with their wardrobes in Perth and…

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Wardrobes Solutions
April 26, 2016

Wardrobes For Busy People

Have you ever given much thought to wardrobe storage solutions for your home? Not many people give their wardrobes a second thought, except when they can’t find anything and then they fleetingly wish for larger wardrobe storage at home.

With our busy lives, one of the easiest…

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wardrobes Perth
April 21, 2016

Time To Update

Unless you have been lucky enough to design your own new, modern home in, you will most likely be stuck with one of the old-fashioned wardrobes in Perth. These are the wardrobes that are built into your bedroom with just one horizontal rail and with space…

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wardrobe solutions
April 14, 2016

Overcrowded Wardrobes

It is time to start looking for wardrobe solutions when you can no longer close the robe door. I am sure it has happened to you at home, when you find that you have to move something out of the way so the door will close properly.

There is…

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wardrobes perth
April 7, 2016

Clothing  And  Storage Solutions

Most of us are used to the default wardrobes, the design that has a long horizontal wardrobe hanging rail with storage on a shelf above and a jumble of shoes on the wardrobe floor. This wardrobe design is usually built in new homes and certainly comes…

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walk in wardrobe
March 24, 2016

Are you deciding between a walk-in wardrobe and an ensuite? Maybe you are building a new  home or renovating your current home and you are looking at plans for your bedroom?

Well, hopefully you have enough space to include both a decent sized ensuite and a walkin wardrobe, because it…

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wardrobes perth
March 17, 2016

Over Stuffed Wardrobes?

Many of the wardrobes in Perth homes are jam packed with clothes, all squashed in on one wardrobe hanging rail, making it very difficult to find anything quickly. The mornings at home are the worst times, because we need to…

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